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Dropping OHP Completely?

I love 531, but I absolutely hate OHP. My all time best was 75kg for 1, I have came nowhere close to that in the the two years. Infact my 1rm now is probably 62.5kg.

I make some progress then I end up back to square one, whilst all my other lifts are progressing slowly. To be honest I wouldn’t care if I never did another OHP in my life, I hate them that much now.

Is it a possibility to switch it out for push press, or was thinking about switching it out completely for another bench day.


Don’t give up. The OHP is a bitch. There is a reason why it sucks for you right now, and avoiding the problem does not help.

Just try different approach. BBS has been praised in many occasions as a really good press builder.


Sorry but BBS?

I look at OHP to help with bench, but doing more bench will be more beneficial for the bench. I don’t care too much for OHP anymore, there was a time I wanted to hit something good but it’s so up and down it feels a total waste of time!

I feel the same, I hate OHP espacially on low rep schemes.

I’ve been doing 531 for a while without OHP and then finally add it those last months.

Honestly if I get stuck I’ll do push presses for a while to use bigger weights and If I completely stop OHP 531 I’ll just do FSL sets.

Just like you I prefer doing more bench presses or variations, I do bench twice a week and OHP only once.

BBS=boring but strong.

I am not experienced enough to say why you need OHP, but almost 100% of really strong and experienced dudes whom who I’ve learned about lifting say that OHP fucking rules. So I believe my elders in the subjects. Also, it is part of the program.

In the end you can do whatever you like. Only bench, only front squat, only clean instead of dl etc… You wont die and probably get bigger and stronger. But there is a lot of reasons why people endorse OHP.

Or take it as a challenge. Do you want to admit that you suck and give up. Things wont ever go smoothly with all the movements. Good example is the Alphaf. He was stuck with 500lbs bench for years until breaking the plateau one day. So sticking with OHP (and eventually beating it) will only make you stronger mentally and physically.


I don’t know how to quote. But what Rattus said about admitting sucksge and quitting is awesome. It keeps me benching when everything else feels strong but that.

Well said.

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Instead of dropping completely perhaps cycle in the incline bench press in its place for awhile, then cycle them back and forth every few cycles or so.

I personally love the press and try to keep it within any program I use, but if I’m not using it, I’ll have the incline at least.

The best way to get good at something is to do it more not less.


But OHP isn’t something I care about getting good at anymore, just bench, squats and deadlifts.

Why not follow a powerlifting program if that’s the case?

My experience with 5/3/1 is that it’s less about getting good at certain lifts and more about getting just plain bigger, stronger, faster and better.


What are you going to do when those three inevitably stall?

You don’t have to OHP, but it’s sort of a big part of 5/3/1.

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I enjoy the principles of 531, been on it for years and just thoroughly enjoy doing it, four days a week it’s near perfect. Except OHP, it’s been crap forever, but two years on and I’m 10kg weaker than my previous.

All lifts stall, but OHP is different, OHP is like the devil.

CT has suggested incline press as a replacement for OHP in other threads. You could give that shot.

If nothing else keep it in for shoulder health purposes, and tell yourself it will help you be able to bench for a longer period of your life.

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You can also try different variations. I switched to seated barbell pressing and it feels a ton better and more natural. Push press is also a viable option.

Might just try some push press for a while, just test the 1rm and punch in the numbers and go from there?

Keep at it. It’s there for a reason. If you suck at something, work hard to improve it. There is no way pressing will do anything other than help your bench, even if it’s just by keeping your shoulders healthy. Personally, I’ve found if my upper back is getting stronger, my press goes up.

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You don’t necessarily have to take an actual 1RM especially if you haven’t done push press before. Just do one heavy single you can safely do that’s close to what you could do and use that as the training max.

Firstly, be honest with yourself about your personal goals and what exercises will get you there. If it’s just bench, squat and deadlift then do that. I’ve abandoned the idea of must do exercises, there’s not much sense in doing an exercise you don’t care for unless you need to. For example, runners need to run and powerlifters need to bench, squat, deadlift.

Some might say your not really doing 531, so fucking what. You’re using the principles for the exercises most important to you.

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I agree with the last comment.
Perfectly said