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Dropping Last 10 Pounds

I need to lose about ten pounds to be in the sub 10% fat range. How can I get here, since I’ve been dieting I’ve been eating worse. I’ll be really good for like a week and half then splurge on some type of crap food that puts me back where I started.

What can I do to help control crapfood urges and lose the last 10 pounds?

I get about 6-7 hours of cardio per week and sometimes more playing lacrosse. I lift at least 3x a week following the WS4SB template. I’m really at a loss for what do do. I cant eat more than 3 meals a day, because I’m not allowed to eat in class or a stupid nun smacks me with a yard stick LOL. And the times where I’d eat more meals (halfway between the big 3) I’m always in class. I can control what I eat for breakfast and lunch, but since I’m 17 I still live at home and eat what the family eats for dinner, and just pick out stuff I think is best. For ex. A ton of meat and easy on french bread.

You should sprint to the nearest liposuction clinic and have them vacuum you out immediately. See if they can position the incision so that you won’t have to have a second scar from the gastric bypass operation. Drink no more than 2 slim-fast shakes a day. If you give in to that third one make sure you purge it immediately. Avoid any type of weight training at all costs because you may wind up building some muscle and that would make you bigger. Finally, for God sake man do some cardio. 6 or 7 hours a week of lacrosse? You really need to start getting some exercise.


You couldn’t snarf back a small bag of mixed nuts between classes?

Come on. No excuses. If you want it, find some strategies to make it work. Don’t let yourself get really hungry so that you can’t resist sticking to your plans.

At the same time, it may be more worth your time to add some muscle… and become leaner without dieting per se.