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Dropping Deadlift Training Max


All -
I've been making great progress on my deadlift, but am starting to see a form issue appear. Below in the video you can see several of my heavy sets which show that I'm no longer able to keep a tight arch in my low back (I think partially b/c my upper back is rounding and pulling me). The rounding starts to occur at my work sets, my warmups are solid. I had a couple of thoughts on this, mind you the 367 is my "x3" set in 5/3/1 week and the 475 in this video is 65 lbs above my 1+ rep set on the 5/3/1 wk:

1 - drop training max down far enough so that i can focus on keeping the back flatter (I feel like it'd be a big step back - training max down by 70 or so pounds)

2 - my form isn't too incredibly horrible, so is it not too big of a deal to keep pushing forward?

3 - I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Wendler mentioned a couple of cases where people hit big deadlifts w/o ever having their training max real near what they pulled (like hit 550 with a TM of 450 or so), so, in addition to improving form, I could still get stronger by backing off right?

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vl6hMG7O6Y

thanks for the support/ideas guys


I have seen a lot worse dude. Didn't look that bad, I will let someone else answer the questions about TM. Do a lot of upper back work though, the majority of people have weak upper backs compared to lower. Front Squats will be good as assistance, they will teach you to keep your upper back tight.


I've been finding the exercise I like for upper back - been playing with SSB arched-back GM's, snatch-grip deadlifts, snatch-grip SLDL, and front squats.