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Dropping Creatine After 2 Weeks???

After much research, I decided to start on a creatine mono (prolab). I was going to give it a month test and see what the results were, but after 2 weeks I am seriously debating about dropping it due to the bloating issue.

I started it exactly 2 weeks ago and I am experiencing some genuine bloating. I?ve gone up 3 pounds, and my lifts are getting better each session, but I honestly think that is a placebo effect because I?m putting much more effort into my sessions that I was before.

I?m not loading it, just taking 5g post workout with my shake. I started noticing some bloating 4 days ago at night, but figured it was normal thanks to food intake during the day etc, but this morning before I ate breakfast, I looked seriously bloated, and after thinking about it, I?ve looked bloated in the morning for the past few days.

So, for me, I?m not sure that the bloating is worth it. My only wonder is if it will decrease after a few more weeks of usage?

Any thoughts?

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Did ya change your diet??

Is your creatine loaded with sugar


I increased my calories from 2175 to 2375ish about a week before starting creatine. Added a little more fruit and oats, but noticed no differance “bloat wise” after the change in calories. And no, the creatine isn’t loaded with sugar. I take it directly after my workout with 2 scoops whey and water.

I really wanted to give it a full 4 weeks before I decided weather or not to drop it. I’m hoping it’s just my body getting used to it, gonna really keep my eye on it in the coming days.

you gained THREE pounds

be a man

Maybe now you’re not chronically dehydrated. What color was your piss before and what is it now?

Don’t count after drinking.

On the piss front…white (very light) before, white after.

I adjusted my intake a bit in the sense that I was take one “heaping” teaspoon…now I level it off.

I think my body is starting to adjust to it, the bloating seems to have decreased in the past 2 days. I’m going to stick with it for a few more weeks and see what the results are, hopefully the bloating will continue to decrease.

Thanks for the input

You’re seriously worried about a little bloating?

Man up.

haha…i know, i know…I sound like a pussy. I used to be 211lbs of fat…just getting used to seeing the scale go up, not down!

Thanks for putting me in my place, I think I’m gonna like it here at tnation:)