Dropping Cals Too Low/Too Fast? Was That The Only Mistake?

I was on tren test 100mg EOD cycle. Started at 17-18%, ended up near 12-13 in 8 weeks barely loosing any weight. Im small 5’8, started at 67kgs (17-18%) and ended on 66kgs (12%-13%).

Nutrition: 180P, 70 Fat, 40-50 Carb, so at almost 1500-1600 cals, i was not loosing visible fat. Im never able to get down below 11%.
So i suddenly dropped my cals at ate only around 800 cals. My protein intake went low at only 130ish. Surprisingly i did not even loose weight on 800 cals. I cut out a bit more and went to 700 with 1 hr cardio, only then i started noticing some weight loss which was fat. However i had doubts about this as to wheter such low cals is catabolic.
I’ve done years on gear and prefer to be small beach body type with focus on lean muscle permanent gain throughout year. I started in year 2013 with 45kgs.

Metabolic adaptation is a bitch. It sounds like the answer to your question is yes, you dropped too much too fast.

For your size that’s not low. Despite all the bro-science, the real science suggests about 1.2 - 1.8g per kg of bodyweight of protien per day for maximum protien synthesis.

A tren/test combo? What was the mg and ester of each?

Weight =/= progress. As you’ve stated: your bodyfat % went down when your weight stayed the same which means you’ve successfully recomped.

700 - 800 cals is very low, even for someone who’s small. If you’re not losing weight on that then there might be a medical issue; or (more likely) you’re miscounting. Food labels lie; volume measurements, like cups, lie; only grams are generally accurate: weigh your food. Most people are off by 30% or more. Greg Doucette has some excellent videos on YouTube that touch on this. Also, bodyfat measurements are usually fairly inaccurate.

You started at 55kg lean mass and ended at 57.5kg lean mass. Gained 2.5kg of muscle and lost 1kg of weight. Looks like a recomp.

As far as having to eat 700 cal daily to get there, seems extreme

Ditto. I’m an inch shorter than OP and have been recomping at 2200 calories a day. I started sig ificantly heavier than you though at about 18% Bf and 205lbs.

According to our newest coach it’s now “ 0.735 grams per pound of body weight” lol


Did I miss something? Lol

On Tren you can do a lot that would normally be catabolic.