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Dropping Bumper Plates onto Concrete?


Please forgive me if this question's been asked before, but is it OK to drop bumper plates directly onto a concrete floor with a bit of carpet on top? or do I need a platform? or some rubber mats?

Obviously after forking out for them I don't want to ruin them, but also I don't want to have to spend even more money on a platform if I can avoid it. Also headroom is a little tight.

Opinions please guys.

Thanks for your time.


i think they will wear eventually if you repeatedly drop them onto concrete. that might also be the case for rubber mats, but it might prolong things. i'm not sure how much. i don't know about carpet.

in my gym we have concrete floors with rubber laid over the top. official policy is no dropping the bumpers off the platform because they reckon it damages the weights. nobody listens to that, though, and while some of the very very (very) old bumpers are looking pretty beat up they are still perfectly usable. they get a lot of use compared to a personal home gym.


Thanks for the reply Alexus. I've read alot on other forums and still couldn't find a definitive answer as to whether it will damage the plates or not. The fact that the very old plates at your gym are still usable after years of "commercial" use is a good enough answer for me. I do intend to get myself some horse mats in a few months time when I can afford them but didn't want to have to wait until then to use them.


Hey FarmerBrett, I have just the basic Rogue bumper plates, pretty cheap, and I have been dropping them on bare concrete for a little over a year, so far no problems. My oly lifts are pretty low, but I've dropped it deadlifting as well with no problems.


It may hurt the plates and bar in the long run, I would invest in some mats asap. On the other hand, I have been doing it with my bumpers, but the bar is a piece of shit so I don't much care if it dies. I'm getting a new bar anyway.


Personally, I would be more worried about the concrete cracking before any damage to the plates. Although, that will only happen when the weight is fairly heavy (prob well over 100 kg).


I asked one of the guys because I didn't want to put you wrong. The oldest plates are 20-25 years old. A couple of them sort of have a piece missing... A bit of rubber that covers the metal insert round the hole, if that makes sense. He said he wouldn't be surprised if they didn't quite weigh 20kg anymore because of it... Aside from that the plates really are still in pretty good shape though, lol. Eleiko plates, though, not sure if other brands would wear comperably. I can't say anything about the bars because we have cheap bars that are frequently trashed. Pretty sure that it would protect the bar okay, though. I mean... The best bumpers aren't supposed to bounce - they are supposed to absorb impact at a dead stop...