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Dropping BF


Current Weight: 225 lbs
Current BF: apx 18-20%

Goal BF: under 10%

Based off of Roman's Calorie counter I have 180lbs LBM X 14 calories per pound = 2,520 calories.

Getting 30% from fat takes up 756 calories leaving 1,764 calories.

I'll be consuming 50g of carbs taking up another 200 calories = 1,564 calories left.

To consume the rest I'd have to have 391 grams of protein per day (based off of Berardi's 1.8 g per pound of body weight I could do 405 grams).

I'll be doing heavy lifting followed by circuits followed by intervals and sprints for training.

Advice would be more than welcome.

Have creatine, Alpha Male, Biotest Grow! Whey, Spike (drinks and tabs), Power Drive, HOT-ROX and ANACONDA.

How helpful is ANACONDA going to be for weight loss?


Why are you going to consume 391 to 405 grams of protein, a ridiculous amount for someone with 180 pounds of LBM? Even some IFBB pros don't take in that muchand they're much more muscular and leaner than most of us.

Lower your protein amount and increase your fat and/or carbohydrate amount.

You didn't provide your weekly training schedule. All you wrote was that you're gonna sprint, lift heavy, and do some intervals and circuits. How are you going to organize this considering every activity you listed is VERY intensive.


Lower protein?

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Bricknyce: I felt that 391 grams of protein was too high as well, hence posting it here.

I know I want 50g carbs a day and 30% of my calories from fat. 391 Just makes up the remainder. In the article:

Shelby Starns recommends a 210lb person eat 350 grams of protein.

My goal is only to decrease my body fat extremely fast while retaining muscle.

Training wise I will warm up to a 3 rep max on a few lifts, do 3 circuits for 2 sets each and then light cardio. I work in a gym so I thought it might be more beneficial to spread my workout out over the day. EX: Heavy lifting in the morning, circuits on my lunch (1 hour) and intense cardio after. I can spread out easy to execute exercises like pull ups, curls and machines throughout the day as I'm walking around but wont really count those as my main workouts.


Carbs are very protein sparing, i would split the remainder between carbs and protein. Putting the carbs around workout time. Just my opinion.


You posted a link to an article actually stating something you're NOT going to do. And this is not a matter of "wanting" to do something (eg, "want" to consume 50 grams of carbs, "want" to consume a 30% fat diet), but rather doing what's going to work and what's SENSIBLE.

What's the problem with consuming less protein and more fat and/or carbs? Ketogenic diets go up to 70% fat. Some people get ripped on higher carb diets.

What's your reasoning?

You wrote: "My goal is only to decrease my body fat extremely fast while retaining muscle." The fastest ways to do this are protein sparing modified fasts or high fat, ketogenic diets, none of which call for the protein amount you listed.

Curls and machines throughout a day?

Heavy lifting in the morning, circuits at lunch, and then INTENSE cardio after?

(In all seriousness), I think you need a bit more education in training and nutrition as both your plans are not sensible.


Also, did you read Shelby's response in FULL? He even said 350 might only be necessary because the questioner insisted on keeping carbs low on an offseason diet.

Protein is an inefficient source of energy, and besides, excess protein can be deaminated into carbs or stored as fat if you're over your maintenance amount in calories.

You're 20% bodyfat. You really don't need anything special at all to lose weight at this point and judging from your nutrition education level, you can learn a great deal more while just losing weight gradually on a lifestyle diet and regular exercise program.

Dramatically reducing calories and carbs while dramatically increasing physical activity is a recipe for disaster and can actually halt progress.


Brick, turn back on your PM's! I wanna ask you some nutritional questions... but not in public! :frowning:



I got no clue why I can't do PM's. My other contact info is there.


With almost no information provided, I can only give you a basic answer.

Protein: you are about 100-105kg so you need about 250g of protein per day.
Carbs: 50g is more than enough. At least you can drop it some more later if you plateau.
Fats: you need more fats. Fish oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil.

Protein: 250 x4 calories = 1000 calories
Carbs: 50 x 4 calories = 200 calories

Total = 1200 calories.

If your lean body mass is correct (and it is probably less than you think and your body fat is almost certainly higher) then 2300 is probably a better calorie goal. So....

2300 - 1200 = 1100 calores left over to get from fat.
1100/9 (9 calories per gram for fats) = 122g of fat.

Sounds like a lot but it is very easily met with a dessert spoon of fish oil or olive oil or flaxseed oil etc with some of your meals. The rest you will get from cooking in coconut or macadamia nut oil (high cooking temperature oils, don't use olive oil for cooking).

I strongly suggest you check out Dr Maro Depasquale's Metabolic Diet. You are almost doing it anyway so why not go the whole hog.

Training: if you don't get the diet right, your training will not work. So do the work in the kitchen and make sure you hit the weights 3-5 times per week with some conditioning on off days (hill sprints, brisk walks, etc)