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Dropping AI, Worried about Rebound

I got my e2 into range by doing Ed injections and .5 mg Ed of adex my e2 was at 73 on sensitive test from 62.5 twice a week sub q switched to im and upped adex!

Now I raised my dose (25mg ed) and lowered ai to .25 mg Ed I still having low e2 symptoms my joints are aching my mood is like a zombie!

I don’t understand why did I require so much ai on a lower dose now I feel I don’t even need it?

I got bloodwork today and waiting for results?

I plan on raising dose to 250 mg and dropping or lowering ai?

.25mg A daily is still a lot, for 250mg test.

How long have you been on this new protocol?

10 weeks

Ok so first everyday injections (what dose?) and AI .5mg daily

Then daily injections 25mg with .25mg A daily for 10 weeks?

What’s the question? Raise dose or lower AI dose? Idk how do you feel now?

Still no libido morning wood! Feel numb,

That would be low e2 to me. Just as a trial drop the AI or cut to .25mg twice a week and see if that helps

I would check out OP’s thread history. He changes protocols more than I change underwear. Then he complains he cant get dialed in. I seriously doubt its been 10 weeks since his last round of posting.

Very ignorant!

Lol so people who do 10 week cycles it takes them 15 weeks to get dialed in dosent make any sense?

250mg isn’t a cycle, it’s just playing around with the upper limits of TRT. You AI is insanely overdosed. And the “Dial in” on cycles is non-existent because the androgen levles are so high, but would work better if the user “Dialed in” what he’s using instead of throwing the kitchen sink at it. And a 10 week “Cycle” with test would be less than useful for much.

You arent running a cycle, supposedly. Your specialist you have been working with is fuking you up. OR you cant just be patient and work the protocol.

We got bloods today the plan is to add more test and drop ai all together depending on where my e2 suts

Why change two things at once? Drop the AI down, but keep dose the same, see how you feel. I’d drop AI entirely before I upped the dose while still taking AI trying to dial in both at the same time