Dropping AI. What to Expect?

Been reading every thread I can find about this subject here and on other sources. I’ve been pretty stable for several years (age 44) splitting my weekly dose into 0.43ml followed by .25 pill of Anastrozole. However the last year the skin around my eyes has aged rapidly, my beard fell out in large chunks and has not grown back, and despite having a clean diet and basically living in the gym, my cardio during BJJ never gets any better. These and a few other elements brought me to the decision to try dumping the AI after reading other user experiences and what seems to be a consensus that Anastrozole is bad.

My last labs had estradoial value at 19. I am also an aromatizer, and need therapeutic blood draws due to elevated RBC (or is it hematocrit? I can’t keep them straight but you get it. I have too much blood.) DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE was 57. Free DHT was 5.36. Test total was 783, and free test 149.6.

What should I expect to happen?

Expect e2 to go up. Beyond that, not really sure. Guys react differently to e2 changes, some can tolerate higher levels than others. Just keep an eye on that and PRL, adjust dosing or frequency as needed. I always get lots of lab work when I make changes like this

Right. But what does that FEEL like? Just emotional and greasy if it gets too high? What about the relationship between other values rising such as DHT, or does the AI only effect E2?

For me it feels like an emo state followed by anxiety.

It only blocks aromatase