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Dropping AI Completely

I have been on TRT for about 5 years, and during that time I don’t think I ever really dialed in my AI, for a long period of time. I believe I’m an over responder, and recently I’ve been hearing more about TRT guys, completely getting off their AI, which is what I’m considering doing. I’m interested in knowing what the “no AI experience” is like, regarding the side effects, particularly if your like me at the higher doses of T. My dose is 70 mg E3D or 175 mg weekly.

I’m concerned about the potential for prostate problems letting E2 run up. I know that BPH is directly related to high E2, although some still believe it’s all about DHT. Additionally, there are very strong links to prostate cancer, with regard to high E2. Then there are the lesser concerns constipation, and acne and so on.
Do you just ignore these symptoms, and “push” through or are those guys just fortunate enough not to struggle with noteworthy sides?
Lastly, does the need for an AI get reduced as you lower your body fat index, in other words if you get ripped, would you eliminate the need for an AI?

Thanks for you responses.

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