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Dropping a Weight Class


Hey guys

Got a comp coming up, and am registered for the MW class 92.5kg max. Problem is, with exams and all, I've gained about 5.5kg, and now only have 7 weeks to shift it without loosing too much strength.

Anyone got any tips?



You might check out "Huge in a Hurry" by Chad Waterbury. While I don't directly use much else in it, I basically use his weight cutting strategy.


So you need to lose 10-15 pounds? Very doable. A week out cut carbs pretty low other than breakfast. Up water intake to 2 gallons for a week. 24 hours before weigh in do not drink anything at all and keep sodium low. That should get you very close to your 10-15lbs at least it does for me. If your still cutting close sit in a sauna or sweat suit and do some very light cardio. Immediately after the weigh in head back to your room and begin rehydration. I prefer the use of a IV drip and Gatorade with Sushi works wanders for me. I can,easily drop 10lbs of water in 48 hours and be 10lbs+ heavier the next morning... Easily.


Cheers guys! Yeh I've started carbs depletion already, mostly so I can have some room to add strength without worrying about resultant mass.

Event info just got released, very doable for me to place top 3 in the MW category as I've been training for the HW weights. Real weakness is my yoke walk, anyone got any tips?


Following 5 day training plan with 1 day rehab/prehab/flexibility and 1 day complete rest. Decided to do 2 days event training, one for endurance based events, one for maximal strength.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, it's my first official comp and I wanna smash my category!