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Dropping A Few Pounds

I’m a 16-year-old that needs to drop a few pounds of fat, maybe around 4 lbs. I eat a decent diet, trying to do JB’s styl of P+C meals earlier and P+F meals later. I do need to keep carbs in my diet for replenishing glycogen since I lift weights and play a lot of basketball. Does anybody have any suggestions for me to drop a few pounds ASAP? Thanks a lot.

Dude, your gonna have to give us more details. What’s the good diet that you eat? What’s your hieght/weight/bf% etc?
Are you counting your calories? Are you following T-dawg, don’t diet, some other method of calculating your caloric needs?

I’d say keep track of your calories being sure your not eating too much, but equally as important eating enough. (Simple method is Body weight*15-500 = Number of calories you need to take in). If your having useless calories like pop, candy, and other shit, getting rid of that will help you dump lots of weight fast.