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Dropping a Few Lbs of Fat.


I read a few threads/the article on the velocity diet and I think the principle is great. But unfortunately I would get checked into an anorexia clinic by any family memeber who found out I was drinking protein shakes for 95% of my meals. So I'm thinking of something like this:

My story:
I started the school year at 130 and I now weight 155ish

I gained teh 25 pounds in a few months of pretty extreme weights/eating.My bodyfat percentage went from like 10 to 14ish. I want to get it back down to 10ish then slowly gain more weight as time goes on. Basically I only want to diet for a few weeks then eat a few hundred kcals over maintenance to help gain muscle.

6am Morning
cup of oats+ 3 whole eggs

8:30am mid morning/brunchish-2 scoops of whey protein in water.

noon Lunch Turky/cheese on grain bread with water

3pm workout

4:30pm what parents make if it's healthy or make something good.

6:30pm tuna

9pm protein shake made in some milk.

kcals are about 2000
protein is about 230
Carbs and fat I'm not sure about but I'd say about 2:1 carbs:fat I can add it up tomarow if It's needed

I do an upper/lower 4 day split. probably 2-3 days of light cardio a week. Should I add more calories??

Most of you are just gonna tell me to eat...
I would LOVE to take that advice. Eating is way easier to me then not eating. But school is aproaching and I wouldn't mind looking good for swimming in gym and I'm begining to feel ashamed of what I have always feared.. I have gyno. I hate worrying if my nipple are poking through my shirt. UGH highschool blows.

Does carrying around a backpack full of books add to my cardio? :slightly_smiling:


Don't yo-yo diet. Your best bet would be to just cut back a little on the cals if you feel you are gaining too much fat. But, you need to keep working out.

How many calories are you currently taking and what is your maintenance level?


You know anything about Yo-Yo Dieting and growth in children ?


Of course I planned on keeping on working out. I just want to ose like 5-7 pounds then slowly add calories back onto my diet. WHen i first started bulking I went from like 2.5k kcals t like 4k in a aday. Now I want to just lean out enough so I'm not a 14% eyesore. Is this good?


Blunt, no I don't. You can try doing a search on that. My gut reaction is to think that it isn't a good idea for children either.

Zep, I noticed something in your last post. Going from 2.5k to 4k kcals in a day is a bad thing to do. You need to gradually increase calories until you reach a level that you are happy with. By that, I mean when you see the scale and mirror changing at a rate that you like.

If it was me in this situation, I would drop 250 kcals for a couple of weeks and see what that does. If I still increase in fat, I would drop another 250 kcals for another couple of weeks. Once I found the point that I wasn't gaining in fat. I would hold for at least a month.

If I was still gaining muscle at that point without gaining fat, I'd hold right there. If I was losing weight and not gaining LBM, I would go back and add some kcals.


Have your workout numbers(weight,reps,sets) increased considerably? If not that will help you lean out, and try HIIT for cardio, forget the light stuff.


I know that it's bad now. I've weened myself down to like 2750-3k calories a day now. I did that during the middle of last school year. I could do 20 minutes of HIIT 2-3 times a week. basically should I drop a few pounds of bodyfat... I'm not looking to get massively ripped and scrawnier looking.
My maxes are at 155 pounds:
Bench 175
Squat 200ish
Deadlift 250+ (haven't actually maxed in a long time)

When I started weightlifting I was 130 pounds and could barely:
Bench 50 pounds
Squat 75 pounds
deadlift 90 pounds

I could of gotten my lifts much higher but do to poor training methods early on I didn't improve very much my first few months.

Basically over softmore year my goals are:
Maintain 8-11% bodyfat
gain 10+ pounds of mostly muscle.
bench 180+ for reps
squat 225 for reps
deadlift 300 for reps

The most difficult goal I think is the squat. I really have problems with squatting, it feels so unatural to me.