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Droppin' to 3 raisin' the wee

Dropped to 3 days a week. Did 10 sets, 5 reps, bent rows and shoulders yesterday, and dropped out arm worked out this morning. I wanted to bang the __ck out of this red head in class like never before. It was crazy. Not to mention she went sleeveless today… and I felt hyooge… anyway SUCKS because it was like my testosterone went through the roof in the middle of class and I had to sit there for an hour… by the time it was over I was not feeling as aggressive. Still would have banged her, but damn… in that hour I would have just grabbed her and gone for the elevator and hit the stop button! I felt like when I saw her… and she gave me a really dirty look right before we had to get back to class my test went through the roof … but I was stewing for an hour and then we had a break for lunch… by then I wasn’t feeling like I could grab her and get busy in the elevator. I hadn’t felt a rush like that with her or anyone in a LONG time and I am sure it’s a combination from the day off, lots of sleep, lots of food, and 10 sets of heavy on the back. And 5 sets of heavy behind the head shoulder press too… and some bent over rows. I also feel hyooooooooge… I gotta get me back to that again!

Yeah, I hate being stuck in class with hard on and not being able to do anything about it. Then by the time class is over it’s gone. sigh Such is life.

lol… tantalos. I’m not sure what the hell you were trying to tell us, but you communicated it really well.

OH yeah, those red heads make u wish U had their soft lips wrapped around ur stick doing the bob-up-and-down…It’s awesome that ur test went through the roof though, Thats the way u wana keep it. Here’s some info i got on that. Fist, when u eat more ( i.e. more carbs,protein and fat overall), ur body gets into an anabolic state, which will cause ur body to relase more testosterone alongside with insulin. Second, when u train less, ur body is able to recover. In case u havent heard, athletes are considered to be chronically testosterone deficient - test levels spike during the workout only to take a big dump during the next day. If u rest more, ur body is able to replenish ur test levels. And lastly, when u train heavy ur test levels spike up, especially if ur doing squats or bench press ( which is why its been reccomended that u warm up with a larger muscle group first to get ur test up). u sound like u went straight from the gym to class, when ur test levels were sill up there.Anyhow, here’s my two cents on the chik - if shes that hot get her laid. good luck!