Dropper Size

For anyone who has purchased a liquid; could you tell me the amount of liquid in a dropper (the one they supply)?


To be honest, I can’t give you a def. answer but from my experience this is what I have seen on some of the various liquids I’ve used.

Example of dosage will be 20mg/ml (say the bottle is a 60 ml size)

3/4 to 7/8 of the dropper full of liquid will be a ml. So you will be a getting a 20mg dose on the 3/4 - 7/8 full dropper.

I don’t know what product you have, so I am not 100% sure.

Hopefully someone will be able to add to this.

Honestly BRock I would use a syringe. Its a faster more accurate measure and you can shoot it in the mouth just as easy as a dropper.

The droppers tend to be 1ml. Some don’t have markings other than the 1ml mark. It is unlikely you can get 1ml of liquid into the dropper so a dropper without markings is pretty much useless. Use a syringe with a long needle attached or get an oral syringe at the drug store. If your dropper has 4 markings on it, it is not difficult to use it and measure out doses in .5ml incriments.

this does not pertain to you but I use the same syringe I shoot with

I shoot then I use that syringe until my next inject then I toss the first one

so in all use a syringe I leave the needle on mine it reaches the liquid nice and i get this nice little stream to hit the back my throat chase with syringe full of water and it rinses it out as well and your cool.

Some droppers didn’t come with markings, I just used a syringe. You don’t want to fuck around when you are running clen.

Bonz is correct. If you have Adex it should correspond to 1 ml. = 1 mg.

I’ll head out and snag an oral syringe today then. Thanks guys.