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Dropped The DB On My Foot


I guess I had to make this STUPID mistake eventually. 85 lbs. on one's big toe is not a pleasant feeling.....

Just curious though, am I alone in making this mistake or there at least a few other klutzes like myself..



I'm not admitting to anything...


Two questions:

Did you break your toe?

Did you scream Jesus's name when you did it?


All kidding aside, that's a bummer. I've been fortunate to not have done that, (knocking on wood).


Next time, don't curl in the squat rack!

just kidding, that really sucks, how high did it fall from?


I was benching a 55 pound dumbell once, at the end of my set I let the weights drop while still holding them as I normally do, ( since I dont like throwing the weights and grunting loudly when im finished ) and it slipped and slammed my ring finger and hurt like a *****

I wasn't manly enough to finish my workout I just went home and iced it, later it swelled up 2x as big as it should be.


Haha man I dropped a 110lb DB on my foot about a month or two ago. I just got done with bench and left it on the bench as I stood up to relax. Yeah it rolled off on my foot. My workout partners looked at me, I just bit my lip and turned a redish purple color as my foot turned a blue color. Haha nothing broken except for my pride.


I dropped a 70 on my ipod :frowning: "sniff sniff"


A little 10lb plate, on my little pinkie toe. :frowning:

I wasn't wearing shoes (it was in my house) and it only fell a few feet.

It was enough to break it though.

Luckily it was only my little toe, and I could still do most things from my workout with it at the time (except lunges).


I dropped a 45lb DB on my chest once, which really isn't that bad, but that's the only time I've ever dropped a weight on myself.


I did almost the same thing as CrewPierce.

I was taking a break between DB Bench Press sets. I was sitting on the bench and resting the DB in front of me on the bench. I turned to look at the clock to time my next set and I heard this crashing sound right next to me. I wondered what the awful noise was, when suddenly I realized there was a searing pain running through my foot.

My whole big toe is purple today, and the foot near it is slightly swollen. The nail is coming off soon. I had an ER nurse who is a friend of mine look at it yesterday. She said I probably did bust something, but since I could walk on it, if I went to the ER they would X-ray me, tell me I had a broken toe, and send me home. So I have not bothered to get it checked out yet. She did say if it got worse to go in though...


LOL :slight_smile:

I probably did, and my big one too.

I didn't make a sound actually. I did my next set, then my wife said it was a good thing I didn't hit my foot. I told her I did and she gave me one of those, well shouldn't you take a look and see if you broke something looks.

She's a lot smarter than I am :slight_smile:



Well, I haven't done that one yet. I will try to avoid it. I do include neck bridges in my workouts. For a while I experimented with different padding for my head. Some provided good padding, but were just too slippery. When I found a surface with enough tack it would often cause a rug burn on the top of my head. At one point I had what looked like a red rug burn mohawk about three inch thick across the top of my head. With this look I had to live with a comment of "eraser-head" for a while. Actually I have had very few injuries resulting from working out. I quess when I work out I am fairly focused on what I am doing.


havent dropped anything on my feet, but i have pinched my fingers between the barbells when racking them up.


I've done similar things such as:

Doing DB incline presses w/ 105s, my left arm decides to give out just as I'm about to touch the dumbells over my head, dumbell comes crashing down on my forehead with the flat end of the dumbell hitting squarely. It hurt a LOT less than it looked. My training partner stood there in silence for a few seconds and then we both started laughing.

My training partner was doing weighted dips with a 45 in his lap, decides to "drop" the plate right onto my shins. That hurt MUCH worse than the first example.

BUT, the most painful AND embarrassing thing I have done is.... Got my junk caught between 120s as I went to rerack them. It would seem, I was a bit closer to the rack than I thought I was. Let me tell you, it happened in slow motion, and I probably stood there "caught" for only a second or 2. It felt like an absolute ETERNITY. Took about a month for that to heal.


You're making me consider giving up weight lifting with that story :slightly_smiling:



Was at a gym long ago, man doing lateral raises. Well, more like angry bird of prey momentum raises, but anyway, middle of a set, he was clacking the weights in front of him every rep. One rep, smack, right on the franks and beans. He doubled over immediately. Just ouch


you should soak your toe in warm water and epsom salts to avoid getting an igrown toenail until it grows back.

I had a 10# plate slide off of a hammer strength machine while I was unloading a 45 and land on my big toe...ouch!


Damn bro, thats worse than you're toe


A 45lb plate across my right foot. Fractured two toes. Finished my workout though then hobbled home and went to the hospital the next day.


I've dropped a few plates and a heavy dumbbell on my feet before. Never got hurt though. A lil thing I did by accident the first time, purposely the other two was to lift my foot a bit off the ground as I saw it falling. That made sure it didn't get crunched between the floor, and I was fine.

To the Sicilian, the junk in the rack story is about the worst thing I've ever read or heard about when it comes to racking dumbbells. You've just added to my phobia sir. There's not one time I rack a dumbbell over 30 lbs that I don't get a small twinge of nervousness. I mean, ever. All thanks to 9 years ago in high school.

There was a group of like 9 of us all working out together. Dude goes to rack a dumbbell, just tosses it up there, and thats all it took. We hear a scream, we see blood, we look down. There, lying on the floor, is roughly 2/3rd's of the kids index finger.

This goes through my head EVERY day I lift, and now I have to worry about getting my balls squashed after doing shrugs as well. Especially since I believe we're both 5'6" tall, so the height would be the same (don't tell me I'm the only weirdo here who knows way too much useless trivia about the other posters on this site). Oy.