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Dropped the Bar on My Neck



I was doing some push presses behind the neck this morning and I was kind of dropping the bar on my traps between reps.

This has usually gone by just fine, but today I miscalculated a bit with 90kg loaded on the bar.
So I actually just dropped a 90kg barbell directly on my neck.

I heard a pretty high-pitched sound on impact. Like a click perhaps?
My training partner didn't hear anything though, so that's hopefully a good thing.

There is no discoloration, but that particular vertebrae is a bit painful to the touch.
My neck is not particularly stiff, but it is uncomfortable to turn the head to the sides.
It feels like a quite uncomfortable stretch on the sides of the neck spine when I turn my head.

Should I be worried about this?


Why were you doing them from behind your neck, dare I ask?

At least you didn't drop it on your head, I suppose. How do your shoulders feel?


I had the same thing... it went away after a few days... my friend had the same thing... his left arm atrophied in a mather of days... still getting back his strength... hopefully it is nothing, just watch out next time... and I would visit a chiropractor to make sure everything is in place...