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Dropped Syringe

I was getting ready to do my injection this morning and dropped my syringe. It landed on the carpet with the cap removed and the needle hit the carpet.

I preload two weeks worth of syringes so to be safe I just grabbed another one.

I placed the cap back on the syringe I dropped and set it aside. It’s filled with 80mg of test. The needles are not swappable.

Should I just toss everything? Clean the needle?


How about pull out the plunger from the back and suck it up with a different syringe? Did the liquid already reach the tip of the needle? Then no.

Well for just 80MG I would just throw it away man, I mean if it was 500MG or something I’d be more upset hehe.

I threw it out

I’d have wiped it with an alcohol wipe, broke the needle off the end and back filled another syringe.

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x2. I’m paranoid, but I’d have had no problem sucking it into another syringe.

By paranoid, I mean I don’t shoot with the same needle I draw with, so slin pins are out for me. In order to account for dead space, I leave a little air bubble in the syringe.

I have heard of people leaving the air bubble at the bottom to ensure limited waste.
How do you get this air bubble to the bottom?

Inject with the needle facing down. The air bubble stays to the bottom of the syringe, because the bottom is facing up.

You’re being over paranoid. I draw & shoot with the same needle twice. Unless you’re immune system is crap you’re fine.

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I literally just had this happen last injection. I wiped down the syringe with alcohol and injected with it. In hindsight I would have backfilled another syringe. I wonder what my chances are of an infection. If it starts feeling funky I am going to an urgent care immediately.

The official medical procedure would be to toss it. However, we all know how difficult it is to get a supply of T in this anti-T world. I would give the need, the barrel, and the cap (even though you didn’t drop it) a good wipe down with an alcohol swab or two and continue using it.

Oh, FYI. The numbers may wipe off the barrel and create an ink mess with alcohol, so that might make it a little difficult to read the numbers.

I threw at least 10 like that my first two months :smiley:

But I understand you in the USA have issues with ordering more

Very low unless your immune system is really bad or you get extremely unlucky which isn’t likely. I’ve known folks from volunteering at homeless shelters that reuse needles 20+ times until the tip is so blunt it won’t pierce the skin even in the hole they constantly reuse and they don’t ever shower or store their needles even remotely sterile and they rarely have issues. It’s harder than you think. In a hospital setting any sort of issue that can be attributed to negligence can cost them thousands/millions so every single precaution is taken to avoid that.

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