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Dropped Old Cycle, New One Better?


After a lot of carefull consideration i have dropped the old cycle i was on. it was giving me too many problems so ive dropped the Deca altogether and ive decided to keep it as simple as possible with just Test so here it is... 10 week cycle,

Week 1-10: 500mg Sustanon/wk + 400mg Test-Max 400/wk (shoot 250mg sus + 200mg T-max saturdays and wednesdays)
Kickstart with 40mg Anabol for first 3 weeks

I hear you all saying now why 2 lots of test and why multi ester? the answer is coz ive got them and want to use them up, no other reason! i really dont want to shell out anymore money on another cycle until i have used up the gear ive got! i shouldnt have rushed into my first cycle and maybe i could have had a killer first cycle but there you go.

For PCT (now this is where i got stuck last time so any advice is welcome here!)
After the last injection of test wait 14 days and then:

Week 1: 100mg/day Clomid
Week 2: 100mg/day Clomid
Week 3: 50mg/day Clomid
Week 4: 50mg/day Clomid


Nothing like not learning from the first mistake only to make another one with this cycle.



well like i said, beleive me its not really through choice or personal preference that im doing this cycle, i have about £250 worth of gear sitting here that im not prepared to throw away so i may aswell give it a try! i understand that most people in here hate mulit ester test but thats what i got so thats what im using.

my next cycle will be waaaayyyyy different but i need to get rid of these first. i was sure that 900mg total Test/WK (multi ester or not) would provide good results anyway! How is my PCT looking for this?


because of the high dosage of Test, can anyone recomend a suitable Anti-E i should be running along side?


A few things you need to read up on:
1. How long the different esters in sus will be in your system.
2. How often shots of sus should be administered.
3. Adex
4. Clomid dosing.
5. test dosage-why bother with 900 mg/wk test for your first cycle?


i know how long the esters last for in sus, 2 short acting and 2 longer acting, you are suposed to shoot EOD but i really dont want to stick needles in myself 3 times per week so im going for twice per week instead. as for Clomid, that dosage is what i have put together from reading other past posts but as i say i really am not very clued up on PCT if im being completley honest that why i asked advice on that issue.

i have went for such a high dosage of Test as i was taking 400 test with 400 deca for 7 weeks and although people say they noticed a slight difference in me i didnt really see much benifits myself but i am a big guy to start with so technically this could be classed as my second cycle really anyway.


i dont know if its just in my mind but i had my first shot last night at 7pm and had 40mg anabol 1 hr before i went to the gym at 12 noon today and noticed a massive increase in lifting ability! i was much stronger than before, even when i was on test and deca together! i felt i had a fantastic workout.


Yes EOD or E3D at the very least for sus. If you dont want to shoot this often then simply dont use sus. Your hormone levels will be all over the place with only injecting the sus twice per week.
The reason I was saying to look at the length of the esters is that had you you understood this aspect you would wait longer to start your clomid than 14 days. The majority of the threads here that speak of clomid use do not incorporate 100mg/day into the second week of pct.
You also seem to be confused as to which cycle your on. Just because your changing compounds does not mean this is a second cycle.
Big guy or not 900 mg/wk is not necessary for your first/second cycle.
Hope this clears a few things up for you.


This makes me wonder how on point your diet and training are. 800mg a week of AAS of almost any kind should provide massive results (including side effects) for any first time user. And now you are worried about sticking yourself too much. As lil' guy said, your hormones are gonna be all over the place, meaning more sides, mood swings, all sorts of crap that you should want less than sticking yourself once or twice more a week. If you need to get used to things, use up the long estered Test first at 500-600mg/w, then, when that is gone, change to the sust at about the same dosage EOD or E3D. If you are serious about doing this you should be serious about doing it right. That means not doing what is most convenient for you or what you want to do, but what needs to be done.


thanks for the advivce, i will do what you said and take one at a time 3 times a week 600mg, thanks!


That certainly sounds better than your original plan. Now, again, what is your diet like? Training?


i train hard 6 days a week, i eat mainly proteins and try to stay low on carbs and fat as much as possible as i gain weight very easily and would like to lose some body fat as im 23% at present though it is only really my mid section that is the problem.i have 3 proetein shakes a day aswell. i weigh 325lbs now but i have gained nearly 3 stone in about 9 weeks. i have just measured myself today and my arms are 19", shoulder to shoulder measures just over 25", chest 56", neck 19-1/2", waist 40", thigh 28".

this is the first time i have ever been measured before so i dont know if these are classed as big or not! as i say my upper body is very well toned but its that problem mid and 'love handles'! though they are slowly shifting. i have dropped form a 46" waist to 40" in the 9 weeks too.


Keep droppin that bf as i would assume with a 40" waist that your 23% is quite off. By likley 10% or more.


it is shifting all the time now, even when i dont dpo much cardio, coz i train hard 6 days im still burning the fat. as i say my problem areas are the 'love handles' my stomache itself is not big, yeah it is quite loose but its not what you would call a beer gut or that kinda shape. everywhere else is coming along great now! i guess its the old saying, all good things come to those who wait!


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i wouldnt know where to have shifted them mate or i would have. ill be coming to you for help and advice on my next cycle for definate though. i seem to be getting good results, its been one week and i already feel a lot stronger and my arms are solid, also my chest and back are really hardning up too!

i am also getting tiny acne spots on my back and shoulders which i never got when i was not then test 400 and deca 400 alone and my partner has actually commented that i have actually lost fat off my stomache too! i thought i had as my work trousers are are lot looser but my t shirts are really hugging me on my top half so its looking good so far!