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Dropped My AI 10 Weeks Ago and Here's What's Happened

I know this may not be for everyone but this has been my experience since dropping the AI. Personally I think so many guys have so much anxiety over their trt they over complicate it and cause more anxiety. How many posts have we seen that say " I took my AI at 7:15 instead of 7 and now my nipples hurt". Admittedly I always went by my numbers because that’s what the internet said to do. I also never really felt totally shitty since starting trt, or so I thought. I have been on trt 5 years with the standard 100mg a week .25 Anastrozole and HCG. Total T was always between 1000-1200 free T over range( don’t have any specific labs in front of me) and always kept me E2 in the 20s . I always thought I felt good mainly because I was better than pre trt. Over the past few years little things started popping up first it was nagging aches and pains that I attributed to lifting and just getting older. Then I was diagnosed with pvc’s which we attributed to traveling all over the world for work so long flights, late nights, excess caffeine and the alcohol that comes at meetings and dinners. Then my blood pressure started creeping up. I was always 115-120/70-75 and it was getting into the 130-5/90-5 range. Never really had erection problems but did notice skinnier less plump erections. I started doing a little more research and found these ai’s can affect the heart, kidneys and all sorts of stuff. I decided to drop the ai and fight through whatever symptoms I had for 8 weeks and see where I stood. Well it’s been 10 and since week one every issue I was having has disappeared. Some pvc’s still but very minor blood pressure is back to 115/70, my body feels amazing and erection are back to being plump like there is more blood flow all around. My e2 currently sits at 45. One other thing is my HCT has always run around 51 and I see a hematologist because I tend to have low iron and he usually draws half a bag from me. I had a cbc for him last week and my HCT was 48. I’m not ready to attribute that to the ai just yet but it’s a hell of a coincidence. just wanted to share this for anyone considering doing this. You may think you have some things going on the first few weeks but power through it, you can always go back if it doesn’t work.


All I can say is everyone processes androgens differently, some are sensitive and some not.

That’s awesome. Your body responds well and you find a dose that your body can absorb and balance accordingly. Legit. I love the hct dropping and would love for you to give us an update in 6 months or so and see if it stays low. I wonder if a good balance of e2 and free t helps keep the blood values at bay.

Yeah not sure but will definitely keep an eye on it. Anastrozole on it’s own can raise hct so maybe combined with the T they both raised it together, who really knows but it was a nice surprise. I always have my bloods done the same day and time so hydration is usually pretty consistent but hct can fluctuate so I’m not ready just yet to say the ai did it. I’m super happy about the bp because my doc kept bringing it up.


Well you are definitely growing tits now bro. Just kidding, I ran mine at 96 for the last two months with no real side effects.

Great news by the way.


I stupidly followed the advice from this board and chased the “22” bullshit number. Then I was on SubQ, and my e2 was in the 32 range, but really felt good when my e2 got into the 40+ range.

I have to be careful I don’t accidentally lower my E2 (supplements). Such a bitch. Glad you have seen the light!


I have never know anyone on 100mg/wk that needed an AI. Your doc put you on that?
.25mg/wk is a lot. I would need to take 180/200mg/wk before needed that amount on anastrozole.

“My e2 currently sits at 45.”
If 100mg gives you an E2 of 45 if you ever took 150mg/wk you’d be in trouble without and AI.

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Pretty irrelevant to the post. .25 on 100mg a week put me at 22-27 and 100mg with no air put me at 45.

Some folks are fine with 45. Don’t generalize ranges that’s where docs go oh so wrong every damn time they treat.

The goals to find what your body can handle and a dose that keeps you there.

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Yes, I’m convinced that many guys talk themselves into high E2 symptoms. A lot of guys took some high doses of AAS and testosterone without any problems from high estrogen. Granted, some did, but that was an overall exception.


Agree totally and in most cases the ones that do have a problem have it in the weeks following the cycle when test numbers plummet and E skyrockets. It’s no different than people that have a weird pain or other issue and spend any amount of time on the internet, they convince themselves it’s something serious like cancer. Same thing on a lot of these boards guys keep reading keep changing their protocol and combine themselves somethings wrong. Half the time they are taking advice from someone who doesn’t even have their own shot figured out.

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I agree I have also decided to stay away from AIs.

My doc tried to put me on one (e2 was higher when I went sub q) but didn’t really explain why, not sure where people get this magical e2 number from. I didn’t even have any e2 sides so not sure why he was trying to put me on one.

From the literature I have read it seems to be cardio protective


E does not skyrocket. It takes T to make E. You metabolize the T in your blood much faster and the high E2 you had during your cycle reduces much slower. But it is still coming down. I start my anastrozole on the day I stop my blast. I want my E2 back to TRT levels asap.

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Yeah bad choice of wording on my part. I meant more that it is high when the test gets low.