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Dropped bar On Chest...

…not quite, but I got stuck while doing close grip and had to set the weight on my chest so I could widen my grip. It hurt, I had 270 lbs, my question is could I have done something to myself? It felt fine immediatly after and feels fine now.


I’d say you’d be the best judge of that. If you feel ok, you probably are.

Word to the wise, get spotters.

I agree with mattwray. If you didn’t feel any pain, other than the discomfort of having 270 pounds on your chest, then you are probably OK. I personally have done this more times than I’d like to admit and thankfully I’ve never hurt myself from just laying the bar on my chest.

I did have one really bad experience though when I didn’t set the pins in the power rack at the correct height and ended up dropping 315 pounds on my chest. I then had to roll the bar down my stomach in order to get the bar low enough to rest on the pins. I ended up with a bruised sternum and had to take a little time off, but other that I was fine.

Ouch dude! 315? You know that saying “I feel your pain”? I hope I never feel THAT. :slight_smile:

[quote]lothario1132 wrote:
Ouch dude! 315? You know that saying “I feel your pain”? I hope I never feel THAT. :)[/quote]

I hope you never feel it either. It wasn’t fun. The good thing is that I only had the weight about halfway up when I lost it so it could have been worse. Oh well. No pain, no gain, right?

Seriously though, just let this be reminder to everyone to make sure that the equipment your using is adjusted correctly before using it. I could have saved myself a considerable amount of pain and aggravation if I would have paid a little more attention to what I was doing.