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Dropbox Storage


For any of you that don't use this, it is an awesome program. It'll sync up your files in a specific folder to a cloud and any other computer you have the program linked to. I use it a TON because I work in multiple locations on multiple computers. It also works as a no-thinking backup for the files that you store in the main folder. Best of all, you get 2gb of storage for free. Use this link to signup and install and we both get a 250 mb bonus: http://db.tt/KNWWHiK


great program


I agree its a great program but you're the second or third guy to go after referals. There was just a big fiasco where their 'security' was shown to be false and all dropbox employees have access to your files. The other guy said it was secure, but he was wrong.

Here's some other options.


FYI, Windows 7 has a built in 5gb sharing feature that works via Hotmail/Live. It's called Live Mesh, and comes with Live Essentials when you do updates.

Also, Sugarsync is like Dropbox, but gives you 5gb instead of 2.


Can you blame me for trying to get referrals? Honestly, I would probably still recommend the program without the incentives for it. It has been really a big help to me, and I like to refer business where I've have awesome service. As far as Live Mesh, I had nothing but problems with it. Dropbox has been much simpler and easier to use. I do have SugarSync as well, and it works better in some ways than dropbox, but it doesn't have Sync over LAN, which is a huge plus for me.


Dropbox is the shit, and it works flawlessly on Ubuntu and Debian. If you are concerned about the security breach(es) (like you have NDA worthy data or something), I suppose you could just encrypt your files. The security thing does suck... if they were a little more careful, Dropbox would be perfect.


Hey, RSGZ, Bill Gates' wife called, she said to get off his nutz!!

I'm going to have to assume you own stock in Microsoft


Just spreading the love - I don't own their stocks yet, but I'm working on it. lol

Seriously, if you don't use a Mac, try it - you'll thank me later.


Actually, Live Mesh works on Macs too, but whatever.


I'm willing to use it .. if it's as convenient as dropbox but more free storage, I really don't see a downside