Dropbox Storage

Not sure if you guys use dropbox, but it is a great FREE service for storing and backing up files, pictures, music, etc. They give you 2GB of free storage and add 250MB for signing up using a referral. Here’s a link to a referral to get free storage :

I use this to store work and personal documents. The service is also password protected and very secure. I don’t normally promote a service but this is truly free with no strings attached. It has an Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC client (again, all free).

I think you should use mine instead: Dropbox.com .

I use this stuff for school and it works great if you’re writing code on multiple computers, as you just put the files in your dropbox folder and it will automatically synch them every time they are updated. Additionally, it has some CVS capabilities, but I’ve never used them, and it is secure to a point, but I would be careful of putting sensitive documents into the cloud.

There is also a thing where you can set up private downloads, where you put stuff in a personal folder and right click to get a hyperlink to it, which is useful for sharing larger files with people.

lol @ theuofh. If you’re worried about securing your documents even further (their security is already pretty good) you can use a free product called TrueCrypt to encrypt your folders. This ensures the data you are storing in the cloud is secure and can only be read by you.

Or you can secure copy files straight to your home data storage from your laptop without involving an untrusted third party. From there you have automated backups to your off-site storage.

But whatever works for you.

I back all my shit up on floppys.