Drop the Dbol When It's Time to Cut?

Hey guys,
I have a concept for a cycle just curious what y’all think. Assuming my Ai and pct are perfect what would you think about running my cycle as such:

Test 1-15 600mg
Eq 1-14 600mg
Dbol 6-10 40 mg

I know most people would say throw the dbol at the front but I’ve done some reading on taking it mid cycle and I “feel” like it would allow my body some time to get used to being in such an anabolic state before hitting the turbo button. Then since equipoise takes so long to kick in but delivers relatively dry gains I would like to get off the dbols at week 10 and slip into a nice clean and dry summer bod.

Feel free to offer your opinions.

Good read

Thanks for this Dexter,
This is pretty much spot on from what I had been reading previously.