Drop That Body Fat

This is my first post on T Nation! I am a complete newbie when it comes to the fact vs. fiction in properly dropping my body fat percentage. I am 21 years old. I started my journey a year and 2 months ago at 150lbs (33% bodyfat). During that first year, I focused on cutting out all processed foods, soda, and I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey.

With that I added weight lifting with little to no cardio. It helped for a while (still stayed at 150lbs but my body started to shift into the right areas) but then it felt as though I had hit a plateau this past June 2013. The trainer at my school advised me to try straight cardio 5 times a week to burn more fat. I’ve stuck with that for a little over 4 weeks now while maintaining a pretty good diet which consists of eggs whites, chicken breast, oats, fruit, greek yogurt, lean beef, sweet potatoes, and greens. As for supplements I take a women’s multi vitamin, omega 3-6-9, CLA, and amino acids. I’m now down to 135lbs (24% bodyfat).

I just would love to hear advice and gain support from the powerful women on this website. Here is a before and after photo from when I started up until this year.

“I feel like every pound I loose reveals the body I should have had all along”

good work! looks like you are on good path! way to go!

You don’t need me to tell you that you’ve done a good job; you know that already. What you may not realize is what you did not only for your present, but your future. At 21 y.o. you may not be thinking about those childbearing years but if you travel the path most used, they will be upon you quickly.

Here’s the payoff for the future; you have fought this fight before. So when you need to dump those 15 extra pounds of baby weight, you know how to do it.

One hot Momma at the Little League games!