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Drop snatches and pike jumps

can someone please describe these two to me? you don’t hav eto go into details on how to perform the snatch just what makes it a “drop” snatch…thank you in advance

I dont know if this will do it justice so please email me for photos. The Drop Snatch is a complex movement but tremendous for strength and balance. Start light with a wooden dowel. But with the Drop Snatch, start in Squat position bar on your back with hands spaced as in Snatch lift. Squat down slightly (ie 1/4 Squat position)and begin to explode weight up. As you are thrusting the bar upwards, simultaneoulsy drop into full overhead squat position. Very dynamic and explosive movement. As I said feel free to email me for photos to help your visualize better. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies