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Drop Sets

I read an article in Mens Fitness saying that doing drop sets will get you toned and cut you up much faster than other lifting programs and I was wondering what the results would be like if I chose to adopt this method of training. I have a few extra pounds on me so do you recommend this for beginners? I’ve read else where that mixing drop sets with regualr sets would be the best way to go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Drop sets are a tool to be used there OK not magic. Getting CUT/RIPPED you need two thing first and most importnat years under a Heavy ass peice of Iron. second a diet to get yopu ripped AFTER the above is built.

Sure throw in drop sets every now and again. Watch it as you are just starting out just lifting will do a LOT of damage cause pain the drop sets may leave you limping for days.


drop sets have a time and a place but if you are a beginnner you have no business doing them