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Drop Sets?

I just wanted to know what kind of response people have had training this way, pointers?

Drop sets can be used for many purposes. You can do drop sets of low reps not going to failure with each set as a means of gaining strength. You can do medium dropsets for bodybuilding purposes and can tdo extended dropsets for a more endurance based workout. One of the benefits of dropsets is that you can use a high tension and time undertension within the same set (although the tension may not be high for the entire set).

I have had good results from dropsets and so have many people that i know.

I however would not use them exclusively, they would be best used for relatively short periods of time.

Jerry Telle is a massive fan of dropsets… do a search for him in both t-mag and on the net.

They are a good way to do lateral raises…just start slightly heavier than normal so you don’t do 30 reps in total. Try to hit your limit at 12 or so.

Big fun! A rack of dumbells and an uncrowded gym are your best friends.

Just like any “extended technique” (forced reps, etc) don’t annihilate yourself every set of every workout and still expect to make progress “unassisted”… Use judiciously.

Thank you.
I let you know how it goes! ;0)

I LOVE drop sets. But I dont do them all the time. Sometimes I use drop sets when I do leg extensions…and HOLY SHIT!!! I feel like I am going to puke when I am done. I get a major pump from it. But again, dont use them as a regular workout. You will kill yourself.