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drop sets

What the hell is a drop set??? I know a lot of shit about lifting, but I don’t have a fucking clue what a drop set is. In closing, by asking this question I am giving all of you my permission to jump through this here internet thing and smack the shit out of me, because I am sure that drop sets are a very easy concept. Damn, this turned out to be a longer post than I thought it would be.

Do a set, drop (take off some, lower, subtract) the weight, do another set.

A drop set as I know it is one really looooooooooonnnnnnnnng set. They are fun to do every once in a while.

Basically, you start out with about 90% of your max on an exercise, and then do as many reps as you can until failure. Then with little or no rest whatsoever, you drop the weight by 10 or 20 pounds, and then do as many reps as you can do again until you fail. Then keep repeating this process (drop weight, lift till failure) until there is no weight left to lift.

They are alot of fun to do every once in a while, to shake things up, plus you get a massive pump. Just make sure you get plenty of food and rest afterwards as your shit will be torn up pretty bad.

I wouldn’t do these things all the time. And I’d only do one exercise per workout with a drop set. Others may say differently.

Hell! Shit! Fuck! Damn! Now that the prerequisites are out of the way, drop sets are simply progressive sets with less weight to allow you to keep repping as you approach total concentric failure.

“Drop Sets” are also known as “running the rack”, “strip sets”. Using dumbbells as an example: You would perform dumbbell curls using 65lbs, once you hit failure with that weight, you would pick up either the 60 or 55lbs, and finish the set or perform one more “drop” and then finish the set.

The only problem with them, is by the time you need a “rescue” you’re only benching/squating/etc the bar. It’s a tad embarassing. When the guy saved me, all he saw was this dude not able to move with the bar on his back. He didn’t see the other billion reps. Good thing I’m not in this for the ego, eh?

Yeah that’s a good point El_Machinae, it’s definitley a humbler for sure.