Drop Sets with Same Exercises or Different Exercises?

I’m adding in drop sets to my program and I have a specific question: My plan is to do a drop set for one exercise per muscle per workout. My question is should I do the drop sets with those same exercises every week or do I switch up the exercises each week so that I end up doing drop sets with every exercise per muscle over the course of one month?

Initially I was going to pick exercises that you can go heavier on like flat DB press, DB shoulder press, etc but now I’m wondering if it’s better to switch them up.

I do drop sets on virtually every lift I do with the exception of Squats and SLDLs. If I were to only do drops on one exercise per muscle group it would probably be which ever is the last exercise. But ultimately the only way to know which is best for you is to try it out and see. Drops are pretty energy intensive and may be detrimental to any exercise you do after. So if you did drops on your flat bench first then it may negatively impact your performance on flys later.

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It probably doesn’t matter which option you choose

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If you’re focusing on Progression and Beating the Log Book, do the drop sets for the same lift week to week. That way you know what numbers you’re trying to exceed. Then after a month or 6 weeks when things get stale, switch the drop sets to another lift.

If you’re focusing on “Tension” and blasting the muscle with “Intensity” and not worrying about the weight do the drop sets on whatever lift is feeling good with great Mind Muscle Connection and Activation that day.