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Drop Foot/Nerve Damage & Workouts

I have developed a weird injury: drop foot. It is cause by nerve damage to your peroneal nerve (which may be from a lower back injury) and this results in a loss of feeling across the top of the foot, and the inability to dorsiflex. I have been to the Dr., including a neurologist who did nerve testing, and even an acupuncturist who was awesome and I’m going back to. I’m also doing therapeutic yoga, in the hopes I can heal this naturally.

That said, I feel pretty good and want to keep working out. But, I want to avoid heavy barbell lifting at this time. I have an array of dumb bells, a set of rings, a 40-lb weight vest, and an airdyne at home. I tend to favor more minimalist workouts focused on performance, and don’t really like isolation or weird, trendy methods.

What do you think of this? It is a bit of cut-and-pasted of workouts I have done in the past and liked, with an attempt to put them in a logical program I can run for 4-6 weeks.

Day 1:
Main work: Weight vested (40 lbs) push ups on rings: work up to max set; superset with 3x5 reps of weight-vested pull ups

Supplement: 5x15 ring push ups, superset with 5x10 pull ups

Then: 1 leg bench squats 3x8e, superset with L-sits for 15 second holds


Dan John ladder workout:
1 arm dumb bell clean and snatches, followed by pull ups. He does a ladder of 1, 2, 3 and repeats 5x.
Then: 1 arm DB bench press supersetted with ab rollouts (3x10 each)
He finishes with KB swings or snatches.


Weight-vested ring dips / weight vested rows. 5x10 each. I set a timer and do it every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.

Shoulder complex: plate raises, rear delt raises, lat raises (3x10 of each move)

Inverted shrugs on ring: 100 reps. Superset with neck work: 100 reps


Slow/hold/explode workout

  1. For one minute: super slow push ups, then hold plank for 1 minute, then do a max set of push ups.

  2. For one minute: super slow goblet squats, then 1 minute of a wall squat/sit with thighs parallel to ground, then max set of squat jumps until form breaks down (I can jump fine, just can’t really dorsiflex)

Then neck work (100 reps) ab roll outs (50 reps)

Airdyne sprints

For additional conditioning I do airdyne for 1 h each week divided into 3 sessions.