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Drop Deca & Go Back to Just Dbol/Test?

Hi Guys,

My last cycle was 14 wks test 600, deca 12 weeks 250. dbol 4 weeks 30mg per day. Then standard pct.

This was my 3rd Cycle, Made good gains.

Now I have everything to repeat this cycle again. But I’m thinking about dropping the deca this time? As last years cycle since I dont think i get as hard as i used to, if you know what i mean? I may be wrong or just paranoid.
Ive done my first injection of test already Friday, minus the deca and im already harder in the morning than before?
Im debating to add the deca, but am I stepping backwards and how much am I sacrificing in the way of gains if i revert back to test and dbol? Want to maximize gains.

Advice needed, what do i do?

Many Thanks

250/wk of Deca isn’t going to add much on top of the test and dbol doses you’re taking. No I don’t think you’re leaving gains at the table. If you think you are, then add in a different compound, such as EQ or Primo.

Thanks for the reply. I decided to stick with the deca and purchase some Caber and will take a small dose weekly to reduce production of pro lactin.

Hi guys, Really could do with your sound advice

Third cycle. first was test only. 2nd was the same as this one

5 weeks 30mg dbol
12 weeks 250mg deca
Caber and Ai being used E3d .25 each
15 weeks 600 Test E
17 - 19. 40mg Nova
19 - 21 20mg Nova

Im a month in, Third Cycle. Is this sound enough, Should I ramp the Deca up a little, maybe increase Test.

Or is less sometimes better? Is this sound enough, What would you guys recommend?

If I’m taking these compounds i would rather tweak and get the full potential.

Thanks in advance

I would stay the course. I don’t think you need the caber and wouldn’t take it unless necesary. You need to wait closer to 4 weeks post Test E to start PCT. If that AI dose works for you then don’t change it but I’m always ‘less is more’ when it comes to AIs. My libido is strong and I feel better mid to high E2 than I ever do with low. We are all different animals though.

Cheers. Many thanks for the reply! Ive litetally took .25 adex every 4 days and find the day after i feel lethargic and shit and just want to sleep all the time, didn’t get this on my last cycles, im assuming im crashing so will take it once a week at that dose for a while and tweek if necassary. I will also pop the .25 caber once a week too?l, i feel something is better than nothing with the caber and would feel more confident in having a little in my system.

I appreciate your feedback and will continue with also the revised pct timings.


Whats a good dose of eq?