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Drop Deca & Go Back to Just Dbol/Test?

Hi Guys,

My last cycle was 14 wks test 600, deca 12 weeks 250. dbol 4 weeks 30mg per day. Then standard pct.

This was my 3rd Cycle, Made good gains.

Now I have everything to repeat this cycle again. But I’m thinking about dropping the deca this time? As last years cycle since I dont think i get as hard as i used to, if you know what i mean? I may be wrong or just paranoid.
Ive done my first injection of test already Friday, minus the deca and im already harder in the morning than before?
Im debating to add the deca, but am I stepping backwards and how much am I sacrificing in the way of gains if i revert back to test and dbol? Want to maximize gains.

Advice needed, what do i do?

Many Thanks

250/wk of Deca isn’t going to add much on top of the test and dbol doses you’re taking. No I don’t think you’re leaving gains at the table. If you think you are, then add in a different compound, such as EQ or Primo.

Thanks for the reply. I decided to stick with the deca and purchase some Caber and will take a small dose weekly to reduce production of pro lactin.