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Drop Creatine While Dropping Water?


Dose anyone know if I should get off Creatine when I'm trying to drop water weight? From what I understand Creatine draws water along with other nutrients into the muscles. So will I have a harder time dropping water weight if I keep taking it?


Unless you are a BB'er in your last couple of weeks of contest prep, there is no real reason to drop creatine from your supplements. Yes, it will cause a couple of pounds of water weight in your muscles mainly, but why is this of a concern to you? The benefits of creatine with respect to your ability to lift hard and maintain muscle mass, even when cutting weight, should offset any issue with having to carry around a couple of puonds of water weight. Any "water weight" you lose while on creatine is a factor of your diet, and not the creatine itself.


Unless you're making weight for a fight, or just before a physique contest and already at low single digit bodyfat, I doubt you need to drop water weight. Usually when someone says they're holding water, they're really just holding more fat than they care to admit. Creatine may be the diff between a perceived 6% or 6.5% on a contest stage, but for the other 99.9% of the population, it will never be a real issue. Don't sweat it (ha! -lol)



Thanks The Mighty Stu