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Drop Body Fat


im 16 i wigh 142-145 lbs. im about 5'7" and my wiest is about 30" my body fat is estameed to by 10% but i dont look it so i wanna drop some more and im to young to use pills and othe suppliments so wat can i do?


What do you expect to reveal under that bodyfat? Your not very big to begin with and if you dieted you'd lose some of the very little muscle you already possess.


Try lifting weights. Preferably compound movements, you should make squats, deads, rows, and bench your primary focus. If that doesn't work I'd suggest jumps...off a bridge.




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Just start lifting heavy and eating clean. If you build more and more muscle you wil make your body fat a smaller part of a larger whole. If you gain 12 lbs. of muscle then the same amount of BF you have now becomes 9% of your whole body mass.

Basically eat lots and clean, see Dr. Berardi's articles for this, and lift big and compound. Don't worry about your BF% until you have a good base of muscle on you. Besides muscle will start showing through your BF. Don't worry about dieting while you're young, worry about growing.



First off, learn to type and spell correctly. The above looks like it was typed by a drunken chimpanzee.

Second, eat more, lift more, get bigger. If you do not have visible abs, you are not 10%. And regardless of your actual bodyfat percentage, you are too small to be worrying about getting shredded. You are a teenager. Eat a ton, lift heavy, and you will grow like a weed. Once you put on some decent size, THEN you can start cutting.

And this is the nicest post you are going to get.

Now go and take a picture while holding a shoe. We cannot help you without the shoe pic.


I'm in a similar situation.. I'm 5'7'', 173 and have a little fat on my stomach and love handles so my BF is probably closer to 15% . First of all, at what level body fat should i see my abs? Secondly, What is a good diet and workout plan to follow if my only goal is to get everything very cut (six pack showing is the ultimate goal)..I'm decently cut already but just looking for advice/links about what specificlly to eat/how to workout to get those abs and good definition. I've read about diets around 2800 calories per day and 30g fat (just low fat diets) is this something good to follow?


4 Egg Whites
1 Cup Oatmeal
1 Banana

Snack (optional)
4 Oz Deli Meat on 2 slices whole wheat

6 oz Chicken Breast
1 medium sweet potato

1 scoop of whey
1 banana

2 slices white bread

9 oz sole or flounder
2 cups cooked spaghetti
1 can green beans

8 oz lowfat cottage cheese
1 cup oatmeal

Totals for the day: 2878 cals, 271g protein, 371g carbs, 32g fat

Call me crazy but for getting cut..doesnt this seem like waaaay too many carbs/cals for a day???

Any advice?


Ahhhhh,so thin people on starvation diets is the latest trend.
Paris Hilton made that up.


Good Call.

Start eating more, start lifting more. Leave the cutting for when you have something to cut from.


im 13 and I can speell and rite reel good and I want to diet i reckn im about 6% at 110 punds and i stnad 5'11 and i wanna gett reel good abs for za summa and wat shud i do? I train bench and curls everyday, iz sat good? shud i do atkins diett or take steriods or sumthing like dat?


Dood, u must be like totaley swole on that wurk out!
You need the Carson City Cuttin' diet what it is is bodywait plus 18 so u need to eat 138 calories a day to get rid of that pesky 6% so you can see exacly watt you're LMB is so you can start form scrach otherwise that 6% will always be getting in you're whey as reguards you're progress try it out and let us now how u do stay strong!


To get "really cut", you must follow the IARS plan. Ever day, consume 50g protein, 5g carbs, and 25g fat. Do interval sprints for 60 minutes a day. At the gym, just remember to hit your bench and bicep curls really hard. Do the curls in the squat rack for best results, so you can rest the bar between sets. This will get you shredded and jacked in no time.

IARS = I Am Really Stupid.

Seriously, did you even read the previous posts in this thread? Did you even think to look at the articles on the site? Did you think you would get any useful advice from your post after how badly the OP got derided?


Fuck, I can't stand it when nimrods use the squat rack for curls.


One of the funniest things I have seen on this site. Thankyou.