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Drop Block Method - Best Split?


CT -

I’m thinking of using your drop block method for a month. I wanted to know what the best split would be. In the article you wrote https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-drop-blocks-for-maximum-growth you say that it can be “a pure muscle-building plan where your 4 exercises for a muscle group all use this model.”

My question is what should that split look like? Push/Pull? Push/Pull/Legs? Upper/Lower?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.


I personally prefer a push/pull/leg approach OR a lift specific split…

The lift-specific split would use one strength movement (not using the drop block method) and 3 or 4 hypertrophy exercises.

BTW I really meant 4 exercises in a workout. In the original article I was going from a body part split. So if you are using a push/pull/legs split or a lift-specific split you have 1 big lift not using the drop block method and 4 total exercises that should cover all the muscles trained.


OK thanks. I guess regardless of the split used, the 3-4 exercises should take care of the volume, correct?

So would it be something like this:

Day 1 - PUSH (bench press followed by 3-4 exercises)
Day 2 - PULL (deadlift followed by 3-4 exercises)
Day 3 - LEGS (front squat followed by 3-4 exercises)
Day 4 - PUSH (OHP followed by 3-4 exercises)
Day 5 - PULL (BB Row followed by 3-4 exercises)
Day 6 - LEGS (Romanian deadlift followed by 3-4 exercises)