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Droopy Shoulder


After hearing about how important posture is I decided to check my posture. I'm really glad I did because I noticed that my shoulder is way too droopy. Is this genetics as in my traps are too big so it appears that way or can I fix this? Thanks for the input.


We have no idea what you're talking about without a picture of your "droopy shoulders".


After reading my question, i realized it doesnt make much sense. I'll post a pic soon. Let me also try to rephrase my question. I've always had a thick neck and traps before i started lifting. After hearing comments from my roommates, i came to a conclusion that i have a narrow shoulder and traps that are more developed than my delts. It "appears" that my shoulder is drooping. I was just wondering if this is genetics, as in thats how my body is shaped, or can I fix this by improving my posture and not doing any direct trap work. Thanks.


I dunno, can you fix it with your posture?

Try. Retract your scapula, suck your abs in, rotate your hips backward. Does it make a difference?

If it does, then keep that posture. Eventually it will become natural and 'whalla' you're fixed!


Get a pic posted and I'll let you know what's going on.