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Droopy pecs

Hey all, I have noticed my pec development going awry. My typical workout would be:

3 x incline dumbells
3 x incline flys
3 x Flat bench
3 x decline flys

My upper chest is falling behind big time, so is my upper middle area of my chest. I know genetics play a part but there has to be something I can do. Im getting that droopy look. Should I stop benching for awhile and let my upper pecs catch up?

Try doing a closer grip incline bench press on the smith machine. Un-incorporate your tri’s and stay focused on the chest muscles. Squeeze tightly at the top portion of the movement and link your mind to the muscle you are working. If you have access to cable crossovers try those as well.Squeeze out the chest muscle when your hands are at the end of the movement. Push the weight more out in front of you as opposed to down in front like some people do. Pushups will also help as you can vary the hand positioning.

Stick to only incline bench presses for a while. Don’t do any other benching or chest work.

Hey Nate, I did chest today and did incline dumbells, incline hammer strength and the pec deck with my grip high. I think I will stick to this for awhile and add incline bench in place of the dumbells for variation. Thanks.

I have noticed that rather than doing incline presses, I get a much better burn in my upper pecs by lowering the bar to my upper pec area (near the top of the sternum) on a flat bench. You might try a wider grip when doing this, but you’ll have to use far less weight, so do it after your heavy chest exercises. Also, lately I’ve been doing dumbell bench instead of barbell, and my pecs, especially upper, have been pretty sore the next day; while on barbell, it is mostly my front delts.