Drol Now or Later?

I have enough drol for a short 2 week cycle but was planning on stacking it several weeks into my upcoming cycle of 800mg test cyp wk and 30mg d-bol ed.

The problem is that the d-bol will not be here for another 2 wks but possibly a little quicker.

Would you guys use the drol to kickstart the cycle or wait until a few weeks in and stack it on top of the test cyp and d-bol?

By the way, I started the test cyp 1 week ago, so it would be in my system.

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Listen to bushy.

I have tried drol every way possible and you will like it most this way.


rb250 why are you running both drol and dbol?

I have enough drol for a short 2 wk cycle and wanted to see the results of stacking it with d-bol.

No major factors for running both, just thought I would try it out.

Curiosity is not the best reason to haphazardly mix and match different products.

By way of analogy, it would be akin to stimultaneously running letro and a-dex to see the results or just to try it out.

Thanks for the advice tren, I def respect your opinion on things. Although, I have had several bodybuilding friends who liked the stack. They actually stayed on the two longer than I will.

My mistake on not advising that it had been recommended and i would never just try it out without some basis or reasoning. Thanks again and do you have any reasons as to why they should not be run together? “Cant learn if you dont ask”