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DrKolagani's Training Log

With it being 5/3/1, he will ride it out for 1 to 2 cycles and move on to a leader, which will allow for some harder supplemental work. It all balances out.

I really need to get me a copy of forever.

I will admit that most of what I know about 5/3/1 I committed to memory many years ago, and I don’t even recall this Anchor/Leader distinction. It seems like maybe what I do actually combines both…I go balls out on the heaviest set, always trying to set a rep PR. And then I do 5 sets of 10. It’s pretty tough, but it seems to work for me.

It was really helpful for “getting” programming. Even if I go stupidly beyond Jim’s recommendations as far as sub max training goes, I have been better able to sort out my programming as it relates to where I am in a training cycle.

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Yeah, that’s mixing a leader and anchor. Sounds like first edition 5/3/1 BBB. It still works, but Jim has evolved it since then.

I still use first edition BBB as well, although my percentages on supplemental work are much higher.

That’s pretty much what I need to try and avoid so many stupid questions. I need the principles, not the templates.

Ditto. Usually closer to FSL weights.

Yeah, it would be back when it was originally put up on this site, in fact. I usually start conservative on the supplemental %, but bump it up as I go through the program. Starts at 60%, ends up at 80% for some things. I find it is the best of both worlds, but it can be quite a chore.

I don’t really know what anchors and leaders are tbh, haven’t read that far. All I know is the program outlined has you doing 5x5 at FSL weights (initially for beginners ) then moving to SSL weights when they stall. I’m doing SSL because FSL is way too easy, SSL is already easy as it is

When you say “harder” supplemental work, do you mean doing 5x10s instead of 5x5?

Tbh guys, I think I could handle 5x10, was just hesitant to change it up because wanted to stick to the original program as much as possible

I still use 1st edition BBB, but my percentages are much higher

Curious, examples?

So what you’re saying is at 80% 5x5 is too easy?

I mean I kind of agree with you

Which 5/3/1 program are you running?

I am sure you could do more on supplemental work, but that is the point: on anchors, the supplemental work is easier so you can push the main work harder. You would not do as well on the PR sets with harder supplemental work.

Bbb’s 5x10 is an example of harder supplemental work.

I’m assuming this is you?




Fuck, saw Flapps post …looks like we go trolled

was going to post ‘you should be getting 10 reps minimum for the top set in the first week, change max etc etc’ …but this kid doesnt deserve our help.

I’m not sure if he’s trolling, or just wanted a fresh start or to distance himself from past stuff - doesn’t seem like a particularly harmful or toxic person, if I recall…just good to remind people that you don’t get to wipe the slate clean on here every time you feel like it. People still seemed willing to help him back then.


I mean, it’s not so much that (in this case). It’s just that there was literally zero reason for him to pop up with a new account.

Like, if you stopped posting today and then re-appeared as WidespreadWombat five months from now. It’s makes no sense and, at best, confuses people by thinking you’re brand new to the site and haven’t already gotten tons and tons of great advice under your previous account.


Exactly. I’m sure some magical things will happen mod-wise and we can continue to give this kid help under his other name. There have been way worse teenagers on here, haha. I also have a soft spot for super skinny kids, being a former one myself. People don’t realize that it’s a tiny bit of a ‘fuck you’ to everybody who helped them in the past, especially when the same people are going to spend their time giving the same advice to someone who’s heard it before.

Poof! I’m Audi.

yeah maybe I’m being a bit harsh, just I see it as pretty ungrateful when he gets loads of good advice, even a bunch of direct responses from Paul Carter …and then ignores all of it!


This is why I dont give much advice out on here.

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