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Driving Test


Hey Everyone.

I am finally getting my license! I take my behind the wheel test in about a week. I was wondering if anyone has an suggestions or tips to increase my chances of passing and etc. Stuff like watching out for signs and etc.

Man I hope I pass!

Any help would be appreciated.


Watch out for signs.


Complete stop at the stop sign. Take your time.


don't stress, after seeing people drive on the road, any monkey can get a license.


If you have to parallel park on a hill, for God's sake don't drive a stick shift when you never practiced on one before. Bad things will happen.


Some kid ran a stop sign and nearly hit me my first time.


Accelerate SLOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW seriously, keep it at around 2000 rpm. Also, break early and give youself enough room to be easy on the brakes. And go about 3-4 mph under the speed limit.

Do you know how to parallel park?


Just relax. Confidence, once again, is the key. The thing is, you will be tested for various skills, but at the end of the day the question is, can you drive?
You can do everything perfect, but if you look like a 15 year old who's about to lose his virginity then the guy's gonna have to think twice.


Thanks for all your advice.

Yeah I can parrellel park, but that wont be part of the test.

I'm gonna make sure I do get the basic things down, like following the speed limit, using all my signals, stopping before the line and etc.

Yea, I see alot of crazy drivers out there and wonder how they got their license.

Im pretty nervous, about 6 days till test day and I wanna make sure I get it the first time.

Gotta quick question
1) When crossing an intersection, are you suppose to look "Left-Right-Left", even if your the 2nd or 3rd car to pass?



Yes, and come to a complete stop at the stop sign even if you already stopped for the car in front of you. Nothing pisses me off more than people at a 4-way stop who think that just because the car in front of them stopped at the stop sign and they stopped behind that car, that they don't have to stop at the sign also....(if that makes any sense)


All the above is good advice so don't sweat it. My main bit of advice is to ACT CONFIDENT. Even if you're not. If an examiner feels you're nervous and edgey behind the wheel, that will affect the way he marks you. On the other hand, if he feels you're confident and you know what you're doing, the examiner will grade accordingly.

Also, once the test is over, quickly punch your examiner straight in the face...then yell, "That's how Chuck Norris takes a test baby!"


Actually during my road test I did something similar, but not at a 4 way stop. The one car in front of me stopped and turned, and since I already stopped behind him, I just turned right along with him. Lucky I didn't get failed right there.


Well I failed.....
Long story, but dude was a bitch.

Im pissed.


i'd be up for the long story. Man, what are the odds of failing a driving test? lol


In NYS, the examiners have a quota to reach for failing kids. I know alot of good drivers that failed their first time, and a whole lot of shitty drivers who passed.


The odds of failing a driving test? I went to school with a guy that failed 6 times. He had to redo his learners half way through because it expired, and then went on to fail another 3 times! It doesn't get worse than that.

I must say though - that amount of times friends have failed because they didn't try bribing the tester is ridiculous.


What was wrong?


ARGGG. Ill explain a little later on, but I have scheduled another appointment at 3 o clock in the afternoon.

My parents made the appointment, and here are the reasons Im a little worried.

  1. Heavy Traffic
  2. Instructor is tired and grumpy



yea i taken my test tomaroww at 1:00, although i preaty good i suck major ass at parallel parking. I only seem to get it when i am mad.

Also does anyone no the buttons names and stuff...hahah like the panic one were all 4 lights tunr on and flash?


For the sake of humanity, I hope you dont pass.