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Driving Test Thoughts


Hey Everyone..

About 2 weeks away from re-taking my test.

It is scheduled in the afternoon. (Parents did it)

I have some concerns and would like opinions on it.

(1) Heavy Traffic
(2) Grumpy Instructor after a full day

I have heard people say that there are positives in heavy traffic.
(1) Less space to move, so they can't take you to too many places (15 min test)

(2) Less space to mess up.

Should I reschedule or keep it?



will you be driving with a 45 hanging from each arm?...i just don't see how this is strength related..........sorry man, just messing you:)

...just be confident in everything you do, if you think the time will affect you, than change it...personally i wouldn't let something like this get to me....


It shouldn't matter at all. It sounds like you're overthinking this whole thing.

Just look 8-10 seconds ahead of you and keep your eyes moving.  A lot of people will tell you to look at the back of the car that's in front of you.  This is wrong.  You will miss a lot of things if you just stare in one spot, and you won't be able to react fast enough if your focus is that close to you.  You want to be able to see that the car that's 2 or more cars ahead of you is braking, and start your own braking when you see that.

Also, keep your following distance around 3-4 seconds, and turn your head when you switch lanes. Good luck.


Holy crap.

If you are this fucked up in the head over a driving test, you probably shouldn't be driving.


thanks mod, i'll take as much help at not looking stupid as i can get:)


lol sorry.

Yeah I realized I was seriously overthinking it, which I think made fail the last time.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Just walk in there thinking you own that bitch.

Also before you go to your test take your moms car and do some doughnuts and get all those jitters out of you.

Confidence is key. Chances are if you failed it you need more practice, if you cant deal with pressure of being observed while driving than practice, practice, practice.