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Drive for 500lb Raw Bench Press Part4


I've been mostly over on the bodybuilding forum posting the odd time but now I have something that should interest all the heavy lifters out there.

I train a couple of young powerlifters who both currently bench in the low 400's. One is a super heavy weight and the other is a 308. We have decided to document there run up to a 500lb Raw Drug Free Bench. Friendly competition should bring out the best in both of them.

Part of this is just fun. However we also hope that it inspires others and keeps the lifters themselves motivated. Being accountable to a larger community and not just within the gym should give them a push during there run up to the ultimate goal.

Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc are welcome.

Hope everyone enjoys the drive.

As for the main question. Who will get there first????



How can he have a WR?


This should be fun to watch. Best of luck to both lifters.


Hello Akeviking I take care of there training, they take care of there records.
Here is how I believe it works. Each organization has there own set of world records. Guiness stopped publishing powerlifting records due to all the organizations and all the different lifting suits.

TJ holds the world record of highest bench in the AWPC (AWPC being the drug tested branch of the world powerlifting congress) His record is the Superheavy weight and his age class of 21-23 years old. I believe it is listed on the WPC website.

Ruggerlife, where abouts in Ontario do you lift? I will pass on your words of encouragment to Mike and TJ.



I'm in Hamilton. I lift in my garage.

How is their training structured out of curiosity?


Always great to have your own setup. I am about 30 mins down the road from you. Right between Cambridge and Brantford.

There training routine has to keep changing due to there circumstances. TJ works 50 hours a week and Mike is in school and not always available. However during the summer TJ was training 3x a week. He had a day dedicated to each of the 3 tested lifts.

Mike was training 2x a week but as a bench only thats all we were focusing on.
One day would be considered his heavy day and the other we would work on technique, finding weak spots and fixing his shoulders. He came to me with very bad shoulders and I have spent some time fixing them.
I have just recently convinced Mike that doing something for his lower body is going to have a tremendous benefit to all aspects of his training. He should be in the full swing of things with lower body soon.



Where abouts in Ontario are you Michael? I'm in Kitchener and lift at the University of Waterloo. Where are you guys training at?


Hello JFG12

I own my own gym. Here is the website - www.stgstrengthandpower.com
Actually I have a member who trains down at my place on weekends and goes to UW.
If you wanted to speak to him e-mail me through the site and I'll put you in contact.
He trains at the same gym as you weekdays.



this will be fun to watch...




Amusing, they are pretty close by now. Up to a 500lbs bench there's almost 30kg/66lbs, should be quite the challenge. Will you put out their training plan as you go along? If you make sure they have some friendly bashing like in this video, the series will be popular! :slight_smile:

Train hard, and best of luck to both!


i met stoffelsen in ottawa last october.
i don't remember his bench being that high, good progress.


They have a bit more then 30kg to go but I believe they both of the potential to get there. I will do my best to keep the video's updated. Im thinking beginning of each month should be good. They both smack talk each other non stop during the workouts so we felt some of it had to get on the video.

They don't have a set program. Due to both of them being quite busy outside of there lifting, the program is always shifting to accomadate them. Also TJ competes in all 3 lifts while Mike has decided to be a bench only at this point. However I will be happy to answer any direct question about what they are doing at any point in time.

Hello Herc410. I believe TJ was around a 375 then. I had not met him yet so I will have to get him to verify that. He hit a 390 at the WPC nationals last spring. He hit the 413.5 at the WPC worlds.

By the way the voting is basically deadlocked so far on which one will hit the 500 first.



Okey, so there's age classes, then I understand.


Small world, I was born in Hamilton and grew up in Caledonia.


A bit off topic but I hope you aren't in Caledonia anymore. There is a large land claim dispute
going on there and property value and dropped big time.



LOL No I have lived in Guelph for a few years and now Toronto for 4 years. My whole family lives there though and I saw first hand what retarded things were happening.


damn you southern ontario powerlifters...

haha Etobicoke here.

Coffee, where in Toronto do you train?


I work and lift at The King West Club. We are at King and Duncan if you want to come in and train. It's nothing special but I don't need much for training, just a rack and plates.


I will definitely be following this. I am in the same boat and want a 500lb raw bench by the end of next year.