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Drive, Bored, Why?


This is not a thread to brag and may be a good topic for the old dudes to share insight.

In the eternal quest for the "meaning of life" why do you do what you do, are you sincerely fulfilled or you find yourself bored, after reaching a certain stage in life do you lose your drive or does it just turn in to a background buzz of monotony?

Here is my lengthy (and common) back story:

I like to grab the bull by the balls. As a kid this manifested itself athletic competition, making good grades if my parents laid out incentives to achieve correctly, boyscouts (yes, this organization has a competitive element/building nature) et cetera.

As I got older I joined school sports teams, became an officer in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) as an interest but also because it was something new to accomplish.

Then in college I did the same, albeit intramural sports, bjj on the side and various collegiate business groups/networks.

Anyways, I've always felt driven and always had a why for my what. Because I was always working torwards something, I was rarely bored.

Again I'm not bragging but after leaving college I was given a mgmt/biz development role for a company right out of the gate. (No, not Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Snap tools or any other bullshit). This was a challenge to master.

Long story short, the business slowed down with the economy, the writing was on the wall in general and I knew I could make more money on my own anyways.

I left and formed a business, made it grow over the last two years and it is now more or less on auto-pilot. Steady stream of income, constant organic growth... I really just play a backseat role now and manage a team.

I don't have a structure to mold in to, no carrot in front of my face (I am the dangler) my goal is accomplished.

I should be happy right?

I'm fucking BORED!!! I'm on T-Nation distracting myself all the damn time for chrissakes.

I feel I'm economically and career wise at a stage in my life most people don't experience until their autumn years and I can't help but ask myself "What is the point?" I totally understand why some retired old dude would greet folks at Wal-Mart even if he doesn't have to.

I have a nice house, sweet ride, take fun vacations and have hobbies in general but I found myself feeling more fulfilled as an up and comer at the bottom of the "mountain".

This is a long rant maybe but what do you motherfuckers do to keep your "purpose" relevent?

Am I just a whiny, nearing 30 year old dude who is having a hard time accepting the next chapter or is there some secret of self satisfaction old dudes know?

I'm in my office posting this, I've putted on one of those fake plastic office "greens", played a flight simulator online, read a chapter of a book, bullshitted with my sales guys... there has to be a more fulfilling use of time.


I challenge you to prove it.


Are you interested in a family? Seems like that might be the next step.


You could take up weight training.


Float me some cash you rich son of a bitch


I like your funny, finish your degree and ill hire you


I can relate with at a level. I find goals and interests. Once those are accomplished, no matter how long or how difficult they may be, they seem boring to me and no longer want to spent time on them. I suggest you this: find a hobby. Anything that takes a while to accomplish. Getting a 250 or more in bowling. Learn how to use different programming languages. It works for me. Keeps me busy and interested.


What kind of business did you start? (dont have to get too specific if you don't want to)

I find it hard that there is no way to improve your product/service or expand in some way shape or form. You could always sell your business and start a new venture.

Seems like a good problem to have, I would be completely content with retiring at 30 but I know a lot of people like you that couldn't do it.


To stand there and do nothing?


What are you trying to say, like?


Based on what you've said, I think you'll find that you're the exception to the rule. Most folks aren't like you and won't be able to relate.


Dude, I don't see the problem here. All you have managed to do so far is to break free of the rat race. That's it. You can't seriously feel you have achieved all you ever wanted or that you are all you wanted to be.

Making money is just a necessary part of life, and in no way the biggest. You got that shit down, congratulations. Now:

You have plenty of time to think about who you want to be - read philosophy, spend time in foreign countries, get to know different worldviews. Do charity, meditate, write a poem or book. Learn to draw, to play music. Do carpentry, grow a garden. Read Dostoyevsky, listen to Handel. Pay attention to every little pleasure, even a breath of fresh air, or a good bite.

You have a choice to decide who your companions are gonna be - make new friends, new role models, new family if you feel like it. (avoid gold diggers) Learn about people, study the way they think, what drives them, what's the best in them.

You have all the universe of experiences to live through and learn from. You have a lot to give. What you lived through so far is just a small, insignificant part of human culture. There is plenty for you to learn and to see, young grasshopper - don't think for a second you know all there is.

Also, give me some of ya mothafuckin moneey.


The above. Glad I do not have to type it out.


See what I took from the OP is that he is competitive as fuck and none of what you listed above will satisfy his need to have a singular goal and pursue it. He just needs to find what he wants to do next.


No, he pays you to turn him, then he can be bored for all of eternity.


Savor the moment. Before you know it something will happen that will have you not knowing whether to piss your pants or wind your watch.

Then back to mundane again.

Then crazy.



Looks like you had and have some week fucking goals.
Some goals of mine:
Entrepreneurship/ownership/invention of world changing leap(s) in biotech, materials engineering, medicine, trans-humanistic philosophy, etc...
First person to live a millennium and beyond...
Succeed in "transmuting" my human passions for sex, love, family, etc...into the passion for cognitive feats and physical feats through training.
To see the power of current city-size nuclear facilities harnessed in palm size and then cell-size reactors.
To own, comprehend and helm machines on the planetary scale.
To see the sunrise on another solar system.


To crush you enemies, see them driven before you.
To hear the lamentation of their women.

When that fails, start killing hookers just to feel alive again.

But, seriously, I'd tell you what I'd do if I had your time and money.

Two chicks at the same time.


You have the illusion of happiness and it has nothing to do with age. What I've learned that I wish I knew sooner is to do what you love - that is the only fulfillment. It goes by fast. Do not waste any time on that which does not fulfill or enrich you. Avoid the disease of "more". It's a trap. Nice house? Great. But an anchor around your neck. Same with the ride. Learn to understand the difference between "wants" and "needs" and moreover, what you "think you want" and what you actually do want. You only lose your drive if the routine has sucked the drive from you...and this is what happens when you do something you don't love or fulfill you. Sounds to me like you're making enough money to make you think you're happy, but you're not very fulfilled. Sounds like you don't love what you do.


Well said.

Hell, start another business doing something else on the side. I quit my job in May and I'm running 2 companies, one of which pays the bills and the other is the longer term goal which I look forward to doing in the future.