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Drinks During Workouts


I'm looking for a drink to use during workouts.
My son is a High School Wrestler who fell in love with Warpaid last year and so did his teammates.
Problem is I cant get it anymore. It works and tastes great. Any suggestions for a replacement would be appreciated. He gets sick when he uses Gatorade.


Personally, I use Carbo Force by ABB, but, I lift for overall mass, so something with this many calories might not work for wrestlers...Although, this does keep me going throughout my work outs...



For me, drinking Surge is the best reward during and post workout. The stuff just tastes great and is great for you.


Man seems like everyday I have to read how good Surge is. It sux living in Australia sometimes! I priced it again yesterday(through the Aus biotest site) it is getting more affordable, they now have a special 3 tubs for AU$180.00. Do you guys reckon it's worth it or should I keep making my own (to Berardi's formula)

Also This is my first post on this fantastic site, I feel that I have to thank everyone here for inspiring me back into the iron game. I have been reading up for about 3 months now and have made better gains in that time than in the past two and a bit years. Waterbury and JB rock my hairy anus!!!!


Endurathon is awesome, Accelerade, and Endurox....there used to be a great drink called Glyco Crush but it went out of business, tasted amazing and we would just add in straight whey protein in small quantities to get a ratio similar to that of the above drinks...

Ive never tried Surge but sure I will soon if I can get the cash...


Water. Very few people work hard enough, long enough to need anything else IMHO.


I second that one, just make sure you sort out your pre and post workout drink and then just sip water through your workout.


You said it before I did! Unless I'm playing a basketball game for the full 40 mins (which I haven't done in donkeys years) I feel no need for carb/isotonic drinks during workout.


I checked and after seeing how high the protein content is in Surge I would save it for post workout, or hour before workout or so but not during...

Water is important, but if you have something like wrestling practice you definetly would benefit from sipping a good carb/protein mix. If you do something athletic or even are going balls to wall with major compound movements sipping a drink will help for sure, and you will be able to tell once you start making a habit of it versus a day when you may not sip it during workout.


Well, I'll have you know that back in the day (before I knew better, you might say) I used to chug down gatorade during weightlifting. I stopped that about 2 years ago, and started drinking just water. My workouts did not suffer, in fact, they got better!

Now, even when I play a full hour of squash (and that makes you sweat buckets) I need nothing more than water. I've tried using carb drinks, and they just make my mouth pasty and don't quench my thirst. I don't play better or longer, either.

Maybe that's just me...


After MONTHS of toying with the timing, going from to early sugar crash to to damn full at the begining of the work out, here is what works for me.

1/2 hour post workout I mix 2 BIG scoops of Surge in 32 oz of ICE water.(add monohydrate also) I then slam 16 oz or half of it. This is about 20 mins or so before I lift the first weight. Gets the carbs in there for energy as well as aminos jst a FLOWING in that blood stream. Then take a nice gulp when starting w/o. and after 15-20 mins of lifting finish the rest. Follow that with water amount dependent on lenght of w/o.

I found this gets me a nice boost in energy and leaves me coming out of the Gym JUST prior to a sugar crash and I can get more Surge in me or High GI whole food carbs and Protein.

Thats what I find works for me. Other than that like above said water is awesome. Some lean toward a light carb beverage with sodium and potassium for electrolytes.

Just try things out until you find what gives you the best performance. It all individual.


I agree with the water suggestions. I am an ex-wrestler and all I ever needed during practice was water, besides after those REALLY HARD training sessions the puking that may happen afterwards was easier if it was just water.