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In lieu of the "weed" thread, and millions of other ones out there, I was thinking how much do these guys actually drink? So what is it, how frequently, and how much do you drink if at all.

And how do you feel it affects your training. If you find it does at all. This is'nt a "is it bad for you?" thread it's a general query.

Myself, I drink 1-2 times a week, i'm down to 1 mostly now i'm trying to cut it down, and it can be anywhere from a 6 pack to close to 20 beers. But then again i'm 18 so whatever.


I never drink. I hate alcohol and all the pain it brings. My dad used to be an alcoholic and he used to beat me and my mom, so I say fuck the stuff.


I drink on the weekends.


I don't think it's all that detrimental to my training. Often the day after drinking is a non-lifting day, and if it is a lifting day I really only notice strength issues if I've drank a lot the night before.

I wouldn't say there's no effect. The literature suggests otherwise. But I'm meeting my goals, so I see no reason to change this.


I drink about a bottle or two of Disaronno a week, or a twelve pack-case of Shiner Bock depending on what I have the taste for. The liquor can't possible lend credit to the training but the stout beer with all those carbs aren't too shabby in terms of giving some unhealthy fuel back to the body.

I definitely don't feel like shit the next day if I drink my 5-8 beers in a night. The liquor likely drags everyone down in training


depends, off season anywhere from 1-3 nights a week, in season 0-1 nights a week. in season the day after is always an off day, during the off season it varies.

for a while my biggest problem was eating junk food when i was drunk late at night, i elimanted this as a problem by getting my "drunk meal" in advance so i could make sure it was healthy, also some nights i just chow down on some pussy instead.


I rarely drink, maybe once a month or two. When I do drink, I drink for effect.
When I was younger, I could pound them away, go to sleep at 4am and wake up at 630am, be tired but find. Now, I find even if I drink a little, it kicks my ass. In fact, as soon as my buzz wears off, I am often feeling hung over.


Jesus man, I know what you mean, I would drink till like 6 in the morning finish a 26 of rye, and sleep for 4 hours, stumble into work and do an 11 hour shift, and i'm a cook at a busy restaraunt (short order).....I could do it, but now I fear the morning after. However I found that as i've cut my drinking my hangovers get weaker, maybe because I get good sleep and my tolerance is down resulting in less booze. An interesting fact every male in my family tree for 3 generations had a drinking problem at one point or another. I never got it. My cousins did also but are now over it. However coming from an irish background we really did'nt see it as a problem, studies show otherwise. But i'm still not convinced they were all problems.

I must admit the food is killer during the night. I usually don't care though as it helps with the hangover. I have found cutting it back from 3 nights a week to about 1 has helped alot. I actually drank for 26 days straight once, no less than a 6 pack. (during my trip back home)


These days, I usually have a couple of beers a month. Every couple of months I'll binge a bit and down a 6 pack of heavy beers. That's not that much, but it still rates as binge drinking.

I hate the way alcohol makes me feel. Especially the day after if I didn't get enough water and food before bed. Much prefer weed, however it's illegal and alcohol is not.


I don't drink. I used to but it affected too many things in my life for me to want to do it anymore. However, I am not against it nor do I have to isolate myself from people who do. All of my friends drink but they know how serious I take my training so the peer pressure is a none issue. It's just a choice I made and I think it is the best one I have ever made.


sxio, i see eye to eye with you about the booze. i can't control it. you end up looking like an ass most of the time anyway. but if it's refer pass it my way.


I agree with you, I have woke up to what drinking did to me. I am now on the "right" track.


I hear that. I'm only 24, but I get noticeably worse hangovers now than I did a few years ago. I drink, on average, two nights a week when I'm at school, sometimes three, but try to keep it to just a few beers for the majority of those. When I'm at home, it's more like once a week. Doesn't help training, I'm sure, but I'm not convinced it's the physique killer some people say it is, if you keep it from having other negative effects (i.e. drunken junk food meal right before bed, shitty hungover workouts, etc.).


I have probably, on average, 4 drinks a week. Usually no more than 1 or 2 at a time.


Thank God that wasn't me in the above photo i took, but the bottom line is that here at school, fuckers drink hard and get themselves into deep shit. for the past couple years, it's been at least three drinking nights a week here at school, almost always between 25-35 drinks, as documented by my alochol intervention counselor who tagged along for a week. For the first year or so, i went and busted my ass for hours in the gym every single day of the week and my body pretty much stayed the same. Then i started yo-yo drinking, having one or two weeks of no drinks and hardcore healthy eating and exercise, followed by a week or two of hardcore binging again with little exercise. This was obviously also unhealthy, so now i've signed up for a huge course load that keeps me busy enough to only drink once a week, and usually not more than a six-pack. Tolerance has shot through the roof over the years, and it's just not fun having to chug liquor or shotgun an entire case to get a decent buzz going. I feel and look much healthier now, from muscle build to bodyfat to skin to mental focus. Alcohol depresses your mind and body, and therefore has pretty fuckin bad effects on workouts.
and i have enough crazy stories inside and outside the courtroom to last a lifetime at this point anyway.
best of luck,
dave perez


I try to only drink on the weekends. Soon I'll have to cut out drinking completly (competing in OCtober)....but take this past weekend for example.
Went to dinner---drank 6 beers. Went to the bar----drank 6 beers. And yes I was still standing and yes I stayed awake when I got home. I grew up a tomboy--so I've learned to 'hang' with the guys! :slight_smile:


1-2 nights a week. The one night will be sharing a bottle of wine with my sweet thang. The other night we go out to a place here in town that serves KILLER $2.00 Margaritas. 3's the limit. Every now and then we'll sip a tequila. Just got Cuervo Black Medallion here. It rocks. All in all, not that much. I'm 44 and have to work in the morning. I don't drink enough that I can't train the next day or go to work.


I think you drank more than me that night. Made for a good end of the night though:)


I'm 36 and I drink virtually every day. No, I'm not a drunk. I keep my drinking within self-imposed parameters; only imbibing after 8:00 pm, a 2-3 drink limit, and no getting hammered (even on the weekends).
I feel fine the next day and my training seems unaffected.


i drink once or twice a week. usually a white russian