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How bad does drinking effect your lifting?


I wouldn't go for a 1RM one-arm barbell snatch while nursing a beer or between boat races.


Probably the major effect is that it is a motivation killer. But it depends on when you're drinking and how much. So do you go drinking with your buddies or do you go to the gym? If you are faced with these choices and you go with your buddies, then it's going to affect your lifting.


I work out at 7am. Drinking the night before ? Forget it.


Pints of Guinness Make You Strong.

Against Me!




Alcohols biggest curse is that it is so anti-anabolic. If you have too many drinks on the night of a great workout you won't get the full benefits of your efforts in the gym. Your body will spend its growing time (while you sleep) detoxifying instead of building muscle and recovering. A drink or two is fine and can even be a positive thing. Unfortunately, about the time it feels good, it's hurting you. Bottom line is that you have to keep booze to a minimum if you want to maximize your performance, growth and overall health. But you already knew that... didn't you?


Yeah, alcohol lower your test. level(depending how much you drink). So, yeah, it affect your training when you look at it this way.



Alcohol is a powerful testosterone suppressant. So if you're taking anything to naturally increase your test levels, you're probably wasting your money, twice over.


Whiskey makes you think your strong. That's got to count for something, right?


Everything in moderation, I say. Unless you're training for competition. Or want to look like you are. Drinking does surpress your testosterone levels as said. But, if it's not excessive, that doesn't mean they'll be significantly impaired or that you won't be able to add muscle and lose fat. I usually drink 1 night a weekend. Sometimes 2 in a week. I pretty much avoid it on lifting days. I enjoy it, and at 22 it's not something I feel like eliminating or limiting more than I do. Maybe I'll feel differently as I get older.

So far, I haven't had trouble adding size and strength and (when necessary) leaning out. Never missed workouts cause of a fun night out either. If I was having problems in any of these areas, I would rethink things.


Nice to see some Against Me! fans out there. There new album (Sept 6th I believe) is going to be gnarly.


Drinking is fun and I believe thus good as long as you don't do it too much. Just don't workout the morning of a hangover, or drink within a few hours after lifting.


Alright, I'll write down what you want to hear. Drinking is great for lifting. Do shots, chug beer and anything else you can get your hands on. Why not? Nothing like going to the gym feeling sick, but then again you probably won't go. You can do it later when you feel better. After all John Candy or John Belushi or (insert name here) were all the picture of fitness. Oh yeah, they are all dead. So much for being cool!


All things in moderation. Just make sure you eat a good meal before you go to bed, if you're able to anyway.


There have been occasions when I had a mean squat workout with a hangover. (Had a training partner waiting on me so I didn't back out) Not the most fun time to have. Somehow I bulldozed through it.