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Drinking Your Own Urine?


I read that Lyoto Machida does it, and I just saw that Juan Manuel Marquez does it too. Does anyone on here drink there own urine for performance purposes??


luke cummo does..

remember him?

he's actually got an insane forum with some very long posts/discussion on it..

LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSS of urine talk on there : forum.lukecummo.com/index.php


That's like eating your own shit.

Fucking retarded.


Not even close to eating shit.


its waste, how is doing that gonna improve you?


It's not like eating your own shit, it's 95% water, the rest sodium and other small stuff. Still gross and I couldn't do it though.


It's your body's reject. It's probably some holist bullshit.

If you wanna drink water and sodium:
Grab a class, turn on the fucking faucet, fill up glass with water, throw in a pinch of salt and drink.

Where is my nobel prize?


it's your body's way to get rid of excess nitrogen, apart from shitting, as well as some other things. if your body is trying to get rid of it, why would you consume it?


No, I don't drink my own urine to enhance performance.


pics or it didn't happen


im gonna drink my own urine soon, and youtube it..

i need to put a little twist on it though.


More specifically they drink the urine they pass first thing in the morning. I think Lyoto claimed in an article that it has something to do with your urine containing a bunch of minerals (?) that your body left unused.
Whatever, I'd only do it if it gave me half the striking skill he possesses. Bar that, no, it'll probably taste worse than olive oil shots and raw eggs.


Try a lemon.


I thought I read some where that doing that could damage your kidneys .


There's a huge following for that. A bunch of movie stars do it as well. It has something to do with the believe that there are a ton of minerals your body couldn't absorb at the time.


well... if they drink their own urine to get minerals, why don't they just eat something that contains minerals?

How stupid is it to drink one's own piss, especially since it literally tastes like piss...


If I was a movie star or professional athlete I would just use my millions and splurge on some new minerals instead of "recycling" my unused ones. Can you be more Jewish?


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I think there's a video of a couple of chicks doing that somewhere....


Video instead.