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Drinking Your Own Phlegm?


Good idea?

I heard it has lots of minerals in it.


It's better to drink other people's phlegm, in case you're yourself deficient in something. Just sayin..


Isn't that kinda like licking puss, or eating boogers? Phlegm's a bodily waste product, doesn't sound so good to me.


I guess this gives new meaning to the '5 a day' nutritional recommendations.


MMA 101 is a troll just ignore his dumb ass.


Nah, but I heard if you set yourself on fire, it'll increase ATP uptake.
Try that and report back, 'mkay?


Phlegm isn't a waste product. It's a protective lining.
And this is a parody thread, not a troll thread.


alot of hippies believe it's good to swallow your phlegm because the small amount of bacteria in there will help strengthen your immune system.


Is it just me or when I have phlegm coming up in my mouth I just want to throw it up. The texture isn't right. If it makes you do that I don't think it belongs back in once it comes up.


Just a joke Lord KMC


My doctor told me it's bad...especially when you are sick...it will even give you a stomach ache.


for sure its healthy! I heared eating the afterbirth makes you strong as hell too. look at brock lesnar, thats his secret...


I've seen some shit on HBO were people were eating placenta. They even convince a vegetarian to eat it.


phlegm has protein in it, with dead bacteria in it, so eat it instead of a protein shake.

You can also make a nice dust if you dry it, and make a cookie with it


Vaginal fluid is the way to go


haha, you are right. thats the only mentioned thing which gets in my mouth.

by the way there is nothing special about afterbirth protein or phlegm bacteria. so food is the way to go. why eat such crap? altough its a funny topic...


Tom Cruise is a Scientologist and he does this, I think he ate his daughters placenta after she was born.