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Drinking Your Calories

Hi All

confession I’m struggling to keep up with my daily calories. Perhaps a liquid approach would help out?

I can drink more protein i.e. powders.
I can drink more fat i.e. olive oil (great for my sore throat btw!)

How about carbs? How could you do this without relying on simple sugars (sucrose, fructose)? Is there such a thing as glucose powder? Is there any way to drink your complex carbs (or is this a crazy question)?

You can blitz oats, you can eat nuts, drink whole/full fat milk.

You can buy powdered oats from a lot of online nutrition suppliers.

OP can you post what foods you are eating now and what your daily macro intake is. Sometimes it’s just that the foods you are eating aren’t dense enough in calories, or possibly you just need more time to get used to the increased amount of food. I know it got easier for me when I stopped trying to keep all of my food low on the GI scale and went for “worse” alternatives to make up the intake that I needed. It’s hard eating 5k+ in oats and chicken breasts.

I think this bit hits the bullseye!

I WANT to keep my diet as clean as I can but getting the almost 5000 Calories I need is touch work. I can do about 3700 with lean meats, nuts, skim milk, low fat cheese, complex carbs & veggies but that’s a far cry from what I need. Hence, the drinking idea.

But powdered oats hun? I could do that. I’ll look around for it. Plus I think I saw powdered glucose at my usual bulk food store.

What do these big named supplements use to supply carbs? Is it sugar?

here mate, if your looking for powdered oats, try www.myprotein.co.uk they sell powdered oats by th kilo for pennies. and as for your shakes, to up ur calories, add some oats if your not already doin it. throw in some cinamon and honey. cinnamon is good for insulin sensitivity. and honey well thats just extra calories.

and th big name brands use dextrose and maltodextrin for carbohydrates (these are simple carbs) depending on what you want from your shake dictates whats used for carbs. you can even get coco powder and throw that in, just make sure you dont go over 5000. otherwise your belly will be hangin all day every day.

And as for your question on complex carbs as a powder, oats are one of many complex carbs, and to be honest i cant really be sure to say if you can drink any other complex carbs. but theres one for sure and its powdered oats. hope this helps you on quest for muscle.

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getting all the calories in is a pain, just don’t make the same mistake i did, i thought it would be a good idea to put a tin of tuna and pint of water in a blender and drink it like a soup…holy cow it was like something of the fear factor it was really really bad…

Quit eating so ridiculously clean when trying to bulk up. Problem solved.

Treat shakes as beverages, not meals.
Olive oil, peanut butter, etc. are great ways to add some extra calories.
Powdered oats? Just throw some in your blender before everything else! You don’t even need to chew…
Two cheesy double beef burritos from Taco Bell are close to 1000 kcal, for about 2 bucks. I’m all for eating “clean” on a bulk, but it’s not like a few dirty meals here and there are going to ruin you.

Why low fat cheese? You’re eating clean, ok, but fat isn’t “dirty”. If you’re trying to increase your calories then stop buying low fat versions of things.

Fat is not the enemy. Just eat natural foods if you want to eat clean. I don’t understand why it has to be all or nothing for some people. Eating nothing but chicken breasts and egg whites on a bulk is just as stupid as eating nothing but McDonalds, there is a happy medium, find it.

I think a problem with people starting out is that they don’t realize that when you become an active person you actually should be allowed more leeway with the types of foods you eat than a couch potatoe. Back in the day people who regularily performed physical labour ate whatever they wanted and looked decent because they had to work so hard.

Now that you are intentionally doing this to gain muscle you can still have what you want, obiously there are some benifites to getting x amount of protein a day and simple carbs after a workout, but those things don’t mean shit if you aren’t getting enough total energy. Sorry for the rant.

Here’s some suggestions that I use:
-cereal, and not just bran flakes
-big ass sub sandwiches, I usually grab a bagette from a bakery slice it in half, grab some lunch meat and presto two huge subs
-MILK lots of it
-bagels are great
-fruit is good

I’s a high carb guy so obviously these foods tend to lean toward that macro makeup.

I’m not sure if you are measuring your food intake but that is invaluable if you plan on gaining steadily.

Some of those lovely “mass-gainers” make it real easy to get extra calories in liquid form.
Don’t go over-board though. You don’t need thousands of calories over your daily expenditure to make gains. 500-1000 should be enough.

Milk, Protein powder, Fruit, and Oatmeal in a blender and you got a good deal going.

[quote]im_the_truth_ wrote:
Milk, Protein powder, Fruit, and Oatmeal in a blender and you got a good deal going.[/quote]

Agreed. Any food consumed in liquid form is easier to digest than solid food. I’ve just recently been doing 1,000 cal shakes with protein powder, fruit, cooked instant oatmeal, and some waxy maize. I’m normally hungry again in under 2 hours and don’t have bloating issues. Also before bed, same basic idea but casein based protein, flax seeds, nuts, and olive oil. Another easy 700 calories.

squats and milk!!!

I am also curious what Low-Fat Cheese is.

When I want to eat less fat in cheese, I cut the portion down.

Low-fat cheese doesn’t even make sense to me.

Full-fat milk, protein powder and peanut butter in a blender is how I do it.