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Drinking Winsterol/Bacteria


many like it...some say loses some of its luster..but,if the winny has some bacteria in it..will drinking it kill it all ??
even if you got an infection from injecting it ? thanks guys..


I would rather drink it than shoot up everyday.And if it has bacteria in it i would recomend drinking it rather than injecting.


Why in gods name would your injectable winny have bacteria in it?

Fightu, i cant honestly begin to comprehend why you continue to post here - have you not realised that your AAS use is frowned upon by the majority - due to posts like this?


so drinking it will kill the bacteria ? what if it does not..? I had an infection before..but dont want to trash the stuff ? thanks for the reply




hopefully he means Bacteriostatic Water and is too ignorant to know the difference


THank you, Brook. There should be no reason for bacterial growth due to 2 of the compounds used in making Winstrol that keep the solution bacteriostatic.


It isnt about 'picking on' you lad, it is about one making sure that those who are coming here to discuss the intelligent use of AAS are doing just that, ie. being intelligent.

With as little offence intended as possible, everyone of your posts have displayed less than desirable levels of self education, research and willingness to take advice, and you have continued to use AAS in less than optimal ways just 'because you want to'. This is counter to the point of this site; to educate and promote the best methods of A-A Steroid use for performance and physique enhancement.

Why would someone come here to ask questions when they disregard the advice given?
Secondly, why would we continue to advise those who disrespect the advices given?

You get what i mean?

OK - to reply you, if your Winstrol is prepared properly then it will not have bacteria in it.
It is possible to get an infection with a sterile product however.. for example pushing in bacteria from the skin surface, from the needle being in air too long and being particularly unlucky in relation to bacteria being present at that time, not cleaning multi-use vial stoppers - and many other un-sterile injection procedures.

AFAIK, drinking injectable Winstrol is for all intents and purposes as effective as injecting. It is my understanding that there is a small amount that is less orally bio-available, but nothing of major consideration.


1st I think you over state I dont listen,you have to remember,I could read all day,which I did,but real life is different,thats how we learn,and I have done & listened to many here..you..KS..The BEAT (where is he) etc.... I see your point,at times I forget,many read this..and they are new..I took over 1 yr to read...research..ask..before I got anything,and learned alot..as from you also..and my research paid off....so thanks for the honest reply..
Now why I asked is, heres the quick story..Ive been injecting TRT for over 1 yr..never had a prob...I got 2 products , used 1 2x's went great...used the winny 2x got an infection both times..so I feel it was not 'me',so lets say its the product...would I be able to still drink that ?? as always thank you..


sorry guys,bacteria is what I got,I stated that wrong lets not kill me..Im a good boy lol


ok, theres no bacteria in the winny, it was probably bad injection hygiene.
but yes you can drink winny it is actually the only injectable I know of that you can also drink.
infact I prefer to drink it cause it hurts to inject, which is also possible,you mistook an infection for some bad winny pain.


Please tell me you are not reusing the same needle.

I think it may be more due to poor injection technique.

Anyhow, if there is bacteria in it, consider it free penicillin from your local UGL. =)


lol I have been injecting for over 1 yr TRT and used another inject product...had no probs..used winny 2x..both times infection.. ill just make a winny cocktail n drink it..lol


Just making sure you guys weren't sharing syringes. Winny can take some time to get used to.


I got plenty of needles, I would not want to re-use,thanks for the replys.as I said.,I think Ill drink it..


Out of curiousity, why are you saying you got an infection? What happened?

Given that the outcome of your injections weren't good, agreed, you should drink it instead.


I have never heard of it being done, but can't Methandrostenolone injectable be drunk? It is still methylated.. by the same logic winstrol can be drunk, i would have thought dbol would too..



Thanks. Just wanted to ask, as some assume infection when the cause is other things. Most definitely you had sound basis to come to that conclusion.


But not particularly a sound basis to come to the conclusion that the Winstrol itself is infected.

All said and done, drink it - it is safer all around, no matter the reason for infection.